5 Reasons Why Nobody’s Visiting
Your Website

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By: Rank Jacker ∣ Updated: September 19, 2020

If you are running an online business, its success is almost dependent on the popularity of your website. It must rank on the top of the Google so that it gets witnessed by the visitors at the very first glance.

However, what if the website for which you have spent your precious time, efforts, and hard-earned money in creating didn’t fetch the prospective clients and traffic?

Your entire efforts just proved futile and you land into the pool of loses? Ever thought what can be its repercussions?

This increased bounced rate will deteriorate the reputation and the brand image of your business thus giving the owner myriad of sleepless nights.

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how many visitors to my website

People who want to visit your website are not finding a well-defined path. This can be owed to the poor traits of your website that lead visitors to click away.

However, this sudden drop in the traffic can be really disheartening.

There can be a multitude of reasons why nobody is visiting your website. Let’s get in touch in detail.

1. Not Creating An SEO Friendly Website:-

SEO is the lifeline of every business with an online impression. It creates fast, clutter-free, and robust websites that rank at the topmost position in the search engine.

One of the most common reasons for the decline of the visitors on your website is not investing in SEO friendly website.

This can highly affect your web presence thereby deteriorating business returns too.

2. Low Site Speed/Non-Mobile Friendly:-

who is visiting my website

Websites that take too much time to load are hard to find favor with users, and if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, that too can be a discouraging factor and can potentially repel your prospects before engaging with your content, to your competition’s gain.

So, having a website that loads ideally under 2.5 sec and is mobile friendly would perform far better when it comes to organic traffic.

3. Absence On Social Media:-

This is a well-researched fact that strong and positive presence of social media can prove fruitful in creating the goodwill of your website.

Posting useful, worthy, and actionable content regularly can certainly act as a catalyst to attract clients towards your website.

4. Inactive Blog/RSS Feed:-

Ideally a website without a blog, is nothing but a business without a shout. To pull traffic through search engines require far more than just having a website.

You need to constantly generate content that is of interest to your prospects and can contribute towards your sales life cycle.

The frequency of publishing depends on your comfort. Make sure to eschew outdated and sub-standard content regularly to keep your users engaged & updated.

5. Search Engines Are Not Indexing Your Website:-

Ever thought why search engines are not indexing your website? One of the reasons can be stuffing it up with a lot of duplicate and recurring content.

who is visiting my website google analytics

Another reason can be the lack of inbound links. It results in not being found by the visitors and your clients.

Therefore, you need to invest in a website that is technically visible to the search engines. The use of Google’s free Webmaster tools can prove to an immense help. Surely these internal linking tips will help you achieve your goal.

Now, being well-acquainted with some of the top reasons behind losing your visitors or prospective clients,​ leave no stone unturned to boost your website traffic and attract the visitors by employing immediate and actionable SEO tips and tricks.

Let’s have a detailed look.

SEO is much easier to sell if people trust you and you have good eminence this starts with you being an expert at the craft.

Long Term Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization:-

Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization

Invest in Search Engine Optimization to appear your website on the first page of Google, attract potential customers, and build your brand image too.

Money once invested will yield you long term benefits. Now the choice is entirely yours, either make or break your brand.

SEO Friendly And High Quality Content:

Post meaningful content accompanied by exquisite pictures and videos. Create your homepage in such a way that it beautifully exhibits what you are selling.

Choose engaging, trustworthy, fresh, and appealing content that bring the visitors time and again and grab more opportunities for you. Once posted, don’t sit back and leave the content untouched.

Fetch creative ideas on what to post each time.

Enticing Title And Meta-Description:

Use of compelling titles and description tags will get you the more clicks.

The title should be prominent in such a manner that it prompts the curiosity of the visitors and make them stay on your website for a long period of time.

The power of short and crisp Meta description is enormous. Avoid overloading your website with too many things as it would turn off your readers.

Use Appropriate And Medium-Size Keywords:

The importance of right and short keywords can’t be denied. No matter it is your blog or website, thorough keyword research has great power to rank your website at the top page on Google.

Once you have perfected in this, it will get you in the direct contact of the customers who are actually looking for your products and services.

However, avoid too general or popular keywords as it would restrict your site from moving up in the search engine.

Use Proper Spelling And Grammar:

You might have spent a lot in creating your website and posting regular content. What if it doesn’t interest the people?

Therefore, make sure that the website is error-free and devoid of any inaccuracy. Ensure the absence of broken links, pages or dead links.

Invest in a professional website to attract multifarious traffic towards it.

Proper Spelling And Grammar

If you aspire your online business to stand out in the crowd, invest in your website.

Only a well-structured website with a capacity to generate traffic can take your business to heights.

No matter how much hardwork you poured in if your website fails to attract the visitors, it's useless.

To ensure that your website enjoys a top rank in the search engines, understand the aforementioned reasons for visitors deserting your website. Also, follow the actionable steps to build a transparent and strong relationship with your clients.

In The Content

  • Do You Want More Traffic,
    More Leads & More Clients?

    Let us analyze your website today for better ranking & revenue. Click on the below button for a free analysis. Request A Free Analysis!

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