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An in-depth SEO audit is the fastest, most effective way to determine how to rank in search results. If done right along with link building and content strategy, there is nothing that can stop you from ranking in the first 3 search results of Google.


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Basically when it comes to in-depth SEO audit we devide it into three major aspects – Technical, On-page and Off-page edit.

Your SEO audit will be delivered by our experienced SEO strategists, which not only saves you time but ensures you with strategies that are battle tested and are going to bring results everytime you use them.

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Eliminating tedious tasks is easy: just share your business details once, and we'll do the rest.

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technical seo services

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1. Anaylzing your website– After you order your audit, we analyze your website for SEO gaps that stops you from ranking on the first page of Google. We have a checklist of all the known ranking factors that must be there on a website and then we head on with our audit to analyze further like the UI-UX design, mobile friendliness, site speed and akin.

2. Detailed Reporting- We provide you with a detailed audit report that cover every minute detail which needs to be improved/improvised on your site, for your site to rank on the first page of Google. Throghout the process we keep you reported so that you are in full control with the process.

3. Training and Recommendation– Along with the detailed report we also provide a training session where we teach your team how to recitify the errors in the audit and implement the techniques and strategies that are needed to improve your website ranking.

4. Done For You- If you run short of time and wish to skip all the hustle then our in-house team of SEO experts can help you shoot up your ranking without you lifting a finger.

website audit service

seo audit: technical factors
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Technical SEO is one of the most underrated & effective measures to gain a critical ranking boost when you have a large website.

No website can stand without a strong backbone and that backbone is technical SEO. Technical SEO is the structure of your website without which everything else falls apart.

There are several files on your server — like .htaccess, robots.txt and sitemap.xml to name a few — that dictate how search engines access and index your content.

We optimize and configure those files so that the search engine can easily crawn and index your website, which gives you an upper hand for ranking in the first page of Google.

Technical SEO also has some intersecting parts with On-page SEO which are also taken care by us so that there isn’t kept a stone untouched for your website to shoot up in the first page of Google.


We have seen so many of our clients with perfectly designed websites, YES PERFECT !!… but still getting 0 to negligible traffic.

The reason behind this is Google do not send humans to determine your website’s ranking. Google sends bots that crawls your websites based on metrics and algorithm based on which your website gets ranked.

The factors affecting your website ranking can be from a few to many. Factors like site speed, image to text ratio, thin content, keyword stuffing and analysis and the list keeps on going affects your ranking.

On-page SEO has a very direct and immediate impact on your website’s ranking. Our team of SEO experts analyze every minute details of your website, makes it pass through a checklist of quality checkpoints, identifies the error and fix it for you to get an immediate boost in your ranking. 

seo audit: off page factors
affecting your seo

Off-page SEO is the “either makes you or breaks you” thing.It may not show immediate affect on your rankings but according to research and stats 80% aspect of ranking depends on your off-page SEO.

It is the most critical part of SEO, if done right it brings you tons of traffic and if done wrong Google may penalize your site and bring down your ranking.

Off-page SEO builds up the credebility of your site and therefore has more to do with links like ── no of backlinks, relevancy of backlinks, quality of backlinks, anchors used, link placemenet, outbound links and the list goes on.

According to a reasearch 65% of marketers admitted that off-page SEO or link building is the toughest part in SEO but fortunately our team of specially trained link builders makes the work seem superb easy and provide you with results that we can feel proud off.


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    With our proven SEO strategy and framework, we have generated consistent results for more than 100s businesses…

    •  Taking a law firm from monthly traffic of 500 to 1000 in just 6 months valued at more than $12000.

    • Increased the monthly traffic of a car dealership company by 150% 

    • An annual revenue increase of $100K for a local foreign language company.

    Skyrocketed the traffic of a dental website from 0 to a whopping 7000 visits per month which are now valued at more than $15000 per month.

    Now see we can keep on writing these results we have achieved for others and fill this entire page but what matters to us now is YOU


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    Jordan Vellutini

    Since we first started working with Rank Jacker in 2018, we have experienced more than just great SEO results. Our monthly reports contain info about search engine ranking along with other significant data like web traffic and conversions – all compared with previous periods.

    Jordan Vellutini

    SEO Agency Owner, Perth




    Without a detailed search, it can be challenging to identify whether your site has problems that prevent it from obtaining its ideal search rankings, or even just greater usability for your visitors. Your organic search ranks can be improved by having a website that is clean, structured, free of duplicate material, and technically sound.

    After you buy your audit, we carefully examine your website using a comprehensive list of known ranking indicators that search engines employ.

    We examine your page’s speed on mobile devices, keyword density, internal and external links, analytics and reporting, coding, technological glitches, crawlability, accessibility, and other factors.

    We provide you possibilities to improve your ranking, increase traffic, and increase sales at the conclusion. We describe any issues we’ve found and precisely how you can remedy them in each component of the audit.

    From the time you submit your site information, the 30 Point Technical Audit can take 10 to 14 business days. Take note that access to the search console will be required, and also that delays in receiving access may affect the turnaround times.

    Due to elements including website content production, on-page optimization, and off-page link building, the SEO Triage option and SEO Accelerated option both have a 21-business-day completion time limit.

    The average study takes 30 days to complete, and 45 days for large websites with thousands of pages.

    We take into account a wide range of search ranking criteria. Technical elements (such as site speed, codes, and broken links), On-page elements (such as meta descriptions and headlines), Content elements (such as duplicate checks and thematic relevancy) and Off-Page elements are a few of these aspects (link quality and authority). When these measurements are combined, a thorough report is created that shows exactly what flaws your website may have.

    Absolutely! Businesses that lack the time or internal technical and SEO knowledge to implement all of our recommendations could enjoy the benefits of our on-site optimization service.

    The audit’s most important recommendations that are keeping you back in the search results will be quickly implemented by our experts. Since it’s your brand, you always get the last say on any work we execute. We’ll work with you or members of your team to approve content and website updates before anything is published online.

    Your SEO report will give you a thorough analysis of several search ranking criteria, including technical elements, on-page elements, content factors, and off-page metrics. Our qualified auditing team evaluates each item and offers recommendations for improvements. This will serve as a guide to help you build a strong foundation for your website. Additionally, a total score for your website will be given, calculated by averaging the results of each individual factor score and weighted according to the factors’ estimated relative relevance to Google’s algorithm.