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No need to worry about new and modified google ranking algoritms any more, once you partner with us!!!

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updated and proven seo techniques

Having a dedicated team in every small segment of SEO keeps us up-to-date with the alogorithm changes and new techniques, allowing us to bring the best of results for you.

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complete seo audit

A complete SEO audit is the fastest and most efficient way to determine why your website isn’t ranking as high as it should be. Our SEO audit services analyze your site’s technical, on-page, and off-page SEO giving you the extra edge to rank on Google.

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competitive analysis

There is no point in reinventing the wheel, we deeply research about your competitors and their strategies that are already working for them, and then make a bespoke winning strategy for you.

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complete roadmap for SEO success

Getting a roadmap to success without a grind is tough. We have battle tested all our strategies in the market and therfore are confident that are proven strategies are going to bring positive results.

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cro optimization

Once you succeed with SEO, there gonna be guarantee traffic to your website but what next ? SEO guarantees you footfalls not conversions (sales). Our expert group of designers will make sure the website is UX and CRO optimized for maximum conversions.

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setting up analysis & reporting

We set up the analytical tools so that every aspect of the SEO process is completely trackable and provide you with weekly reports that helps you to stay in full control.

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Worried about your next clients or dependent on referrals? Get ready to be flooded with leads using our proven sales process that will overfill your calenders.

Understanding your ICP(ideal customer profile)

Unlike most agencies we don’t ‘copy-paste strategies’ on every business we work with.

At first we analyze about our client’s present situation in the business, research about their competitior, understand their sales process, targeted audience and then making a bespoke plan to drive in quality traffic that grows in the revenue for our clients.

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Setting up your custom sales process/ SOPs

Aiming for lined up highly qualified leads and clients is never possible if there isn’t a perfect sales process, we provide you with the exact sales process which has helped our clients reach their first $1M mark and beyond.

We have proven frameworks that are battle tested and are made to work spot on, everytime you use it. Apart from frameworks we have SOPs for your team (Standard Operating Procedures) that can help everyone get on the same page about what to do, when and how to do it, and why.

It’s more than just documentation—it’s about business growth. We have designed the complete package in a way so that we can help you to skyrocket your business at the shortest span of time possible.

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Sales Outreach

Ok, now this is the stage where businesses either go broke or they break their every limitation. The most vital stage in business and specially online business….SALES OUTREACH

Our team of specially trained experts organic onbound marketers makes sure that your messaging and offer is crystal clear, efficient and highly converting.

We follow the exact strategies that bootstrap companies have used for generating millions of dollars in revenue.

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Sales monitoring and reporting

We monitor every aspect of the outreach and provide you with reports so that you are in complete control with the process.

After analyzing our reports we work on further improvement untill and unless you reach your business goals.



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It makes no sense why you wouldn't like us to do this for you ?

With our proven SEO strategy and framework, we have generated consistent results for more than 100s businesses…

• Taking a law firm from monthly traffic of 500 to 1000 in just 6 months valued at more than $12000

• Increased the monthly traffic of a car dealership company by 150%.

• An increase of $100K in annual revenue for a local foreign language company

• Skyrocketed the traffic of a dental website from 0 to a whopping 7000 visits per month which are now valued at more than $15000 per month

Now see we can keep on writing these results we have achieved for others and fill this entire page but what matters to us now is YOU



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The team at RankJacker is great and super responsive to my needs any time of the day or night. I rate them as super professional, skilled & reasonably resourceful when it comes to SEO.

Chris R.





SEO best practices are continually being modified to resonate with the dynamic search engine algorithms; this makes it hard for you and your team to get results as you need to keep on coming up with the new modifications and techniques.

Therefore outsourcing your work to an experienced team who is solely dedicated to SEO not only makes sense but also ensures that you have peace of mind. You can expect better results, and on-time delivery with a 100% confidentiality check, what else do you need, remains the last question?

First we need to understand how does Google decide which pages rank on the first page of Google, Google being a search engine aims to provide the most relevant results to search queries, and therefore places those sites on its first page which are most relevant and authoritative matching the search query.

Therefore in simple words, you would need to understand things like the search queries, keywords, competition, site authenticity, site authority, search engine friendly practices, and much more, to be able to rank on the first page of Google. All these practices in a nutshell are known as SEO.

You might see some gains from the very first week of the campaign but there is no way to pinpoint an exact date.SEO is an ongoing process and results vary enormously from one business to another. There are some SEO service providers who promise to show results in a short span of time, but those results can have a negative long-term impact on your site’s performance and ranking.

SEO results are dependent on many factors like your present site health, complexity, popularity, competition, etc.

We guarantee results for every service we provide

Because we put our money where our mouth is. Our guarantee is that if you do not like the results you get contact us within 7 days of receiving your report and we ensure to make it right and if not we refund back your money.

No, absolutely not. We earn our next month with the results we bring in for you.