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Let's help you get backlinks from aged, relevant articles on established niche specific websites. Leverage our trusted networks for a permanent backlinks placement.

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The links that we source for your site are permanent in nature so that your site reaps a quick and a long-term yield. As the sites that we place links on our real blogs, your site also gets the benefits as these blogs continue to grow over time.


If for any reason, you notice the backlink missing, we’re just a call away to get it live again to get you the replacement link within 6 months of ordering.

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Search Engines prefer links coming to you from sites that is relevant to your niche/service or product for its algorithm to work at its best to promote your content.

You enjoy complete control over choice of niche to source links from, and we try to place the links on real, seasoned articles that are closely relevant to your site’s broader niche.

This is the how the backlinks should always be built – relevant and within the purview of the page being linked to.

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In Contrast to off-beat metrics like DA/PA, we use Referring Domains and niche relevancy as a benchmark to offer Niche Edit Links.

Backlink health is yet another factor, that we consider for any site to be included on our Niche Edits Network.

Our filtration process knock off an unbelievable amount of sites before we take them on our network.

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Ahrefs Ref-Domain
Upto 400

  • 1 Anchor Text/Target URL
  • Permanent, Do-Follow Backlink
  • 100% Spam Free Link
  • Links From General Sites & Niche Relevant Post
  • No PBN/Link Farms


Ahrefs Ref-Domain
400 To 1000

  • 1 Anchor Text/Target URL
  • Permanent, Do-Follow Backlink
  • 100% Spam Free Link
  • Links From General Sites & Niche Relevant Category
  • No PBN/Link Farms


Min. Ahrefs Ref-Domain

  • 1 Anchor Text/Target URL
  • Permanent, Do-Follow Backlink
  • 100% Spam Free Link
  • Links From Niche Relevant Sites & Min.Traffic 1000
  • No PBN/Link Farms


Ahrefs Ref-Domain

  • 1 Anchor Text/Target URL
  • Permanent, Do-Follow Backlink
  • 100% Spam Free Link
  • Links From Niche Relevant Sites & Min.Traffic 3000
  • No PBN/Link Farms

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For the privacy of our clients, we do not share specific information. However, you can view the Metrics of some recent Niche Edit Placements.

Niche Edit Metrics
Kasem Bajwa

Rohin and his team have done some amazing work for me. I used them to get some links for an affiliate site I was working on and they came through with some very high quality links that really moved the needle. The turnaround time is also very fast compared to other vendors.

Kasem Bajwa


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  • Plan Link Building For our clients on the fly
  • Prepare targeted actions with measurable results

Build an invincible Backlink Profile that is natural & authentic, Niche Relevant & Trustworthy, yields results & builds authority over time.

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Absolutely Not! Niche Edit Links is another name for curated links, these are link placements specified for your niche, presented on real sites, or articles. These are highly relevant placements.

Almost! But we don’t deal in links that are related to real money Gambling, Adult, Pharma, or Payday Loans. Apart from that, we pretty much have everything.

We take the help of AHREFS, price depends upon the referring domain a certain domain has. The more references, the more price.

Sorry, We can’t reveal the lists and contact to protect the interests of our clients, vendors, and ourselves. But once you order, we can share the posts beforehand just for added trust, of course, you get the live links in reporting as well.

We wish there was an exact answer to this but it depends on a lot of things, your on-page SEO, your past link history, competition, your niche, and many other factors that collectively contribute to the ranks, so we can’t really give a timeline.

Yes, you can contact us regarding bulk orders via email here. If your requirements are repetitive and in large quantities, we can definitely do something.

Well first, let’s start by saying that the process is very similar to a broken link-building service, and the final outcome of a link mentioned looks identical.

The difference with niche edits is that we are searching for relevant blog posts which means the link mentioned we can incorporate usually fits quite naturally with very little content to add.

The problem with a broken link-building service is that the relevancy of the link to the content can suffer because the opportunities are fewer.

First of all, we have a robust process to identify only the most relevant content on our pool of sites, that are already segregated based on niche/industry.

Secondly, we have a large team of seasoned native writers who are experienced enough to craft expressions to accommodate it within the existing perspective to make it super relevant and actionable, where possible, to create click-through opportunities.

Yep, we don’t mind. You pay for the number of links ordered for given packages irrespective of the client URLs. We just need your anchor text and target URLs for each link.