Is There A Truth To The First Page SEO Guarantee?

By Rank Jacker on October 28, 2022

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It is quite easy to rely on someone who offers guaranteed results even though that is not actually the case. Unfortunately, many of our clients have fallen prey to first-page SEO guarantees and have regretted their decision the investment. The problem is that many find it difficult to decipher the sales pitch of such services, and the word “Guarantee” can be misleading. So let’s take a look at what SEO is in this article and some instances that will allow you to get a clear perspective on the sales pitch, which seals the deal with the keywords “Guaranteed Results”.

The Nitty Gritties Of SEO

SEO is a way to make your website compatible with web crawlers. Web crawlers are basically Google’s cops who rank websites when they meet the criteria. Hence, the goal becomes clear of using SEO strategies for making an optimized website that is compatible with the web crawlers. Some SEO examples include technical SEO, keyword optimization, and more. SEO aims to make your websites meet the criteria of ranking higher in the SERP results. However, the entire process depends on Google’s web crawlers. So, why are digital marketing agencies giving a guarantee for first-page SEO?

What Can SEO Agencies Guarantee In True Sense?

Well, SEO Agencies cannot guarantee you the highest ranking. This is because, just like you, there are other websites that have optimized their webpage, making the competition stiffer. However, SEO Agencies can guarantee you the base requirements are completed. This can include technical SEO audits, appropriate use of keywords, on-page/off-page SEO, and more. If you are paying for such SEO services, you need to demand them as they will impact your ranking. Apart from this, SEO Agencies cannot guarantee success for your businesses as you never know how the cold prospects will interact with your sales pitch and the conversions as they don’t have any data to predict the same.

SEO & Technical Audit

So what is a Technical SEO Audit, and why is it important for sites to rank higher? Well, keywords are not the only factor that can help prospective Googlers to reach your website through their queries. Websites also need to have good rendering, mobile compatibility, clean code on the backend, and state-of-the-art UI/UX designs. Hence, to ensure that these factors are included in the website, it is tested for its technical aspect before deploying it in the production environment. Therefore, a technical audit is quite important for SEO as it can help you analyze attributes where you are lacking in web crawler compatibility.

Content Strategy

If you are looking for the best SEO agencies to help your rank higher, it is important that you ask for a good content strategy. This will help you navigate the voice of your website and create content according to your intent and the services you wish to provide. Content strategy is important as it can directly impact your SERP ranking and the success of your business. Furthermore, the relevant queries based on the intent of the content will easily boost your visibility with relevant traffic. Hence, an effective content strategy will be an asset to your digital marketing campaign, and you will get a positive result from this approach.

Content Effectiveness

Superficial words in your web content will only be a blunder in your marketing strategies. Superficial use of words only to incorporate keywords is not the best approach for the next phase of convincing clients/customers to avail of your services. It sounds shallow, and the target audience will realize that the content is written in an attempt to boost visibility without actually providing them with the solution they deserve.

Content Distribution & Marketing

The content distribution on your website with easy-to-navigate links can boost your SEO. This is important and helps you establish intent for content marketing, attracting niche relevant traffic and improving the probability of conversions. SEO Agencies that guarantee results are likely to use black hat strategies and will not use these white hat strategies to boost SEO. Hence, you can incur substantial damage to your website if you don’t choose the right SEO Agency.

Can Guaranteed SEO Involve Black Hat Strategies?

It will come to you as a surprise that guaranteed SEO tactics exist; however, your website will have a short span and degrade its quality in exchange. Many SEO agencies that provide guaranteed SEO often use black hat strategies, such as camouflaged keywords, hidden backlinks, and more, to fast-track the timeline of ranking higher. Earlier, these tactics could easily fool the Google algorithm. However, Google has evolved these days, making flagging such websites easier. Hence, it is likely that SEO agencies offering guaranteed results use Black Hat Strategies.

Why Is The Guaranteed SEO Sales Pitch A Hoax?

Firstly, no SEO agencies know the secret behind Google’s ranking algorithm except for Google. SEO Agencies only know some tactics that boost visibility and strategies developed from trial and testing. However, they cannot guarantee you the results to rank first. In fact, Google also warns prospective website owners about the SEO agencies they choose. SEO agencies need to provide realistic metrics and data that make sense for growth. Hence, the guaranteed SEO sales pitch is a hoax, and you deserve realistic metrics.

Attributes To Look For In The Best SEO Agency

The best SEO Agency is hard to come by, especially with tons of SEO agencies out there using the same strategy to attract prospects. However, it is quite easy to identify a good SEO agency. This includes providing realistic goals, providing personalized services, and keeping customers informed about the latest SEO developments.

Concluding Thoughts:

Keep in mind that you are not the only website that is seeking to rank at the top. So how can SEO agencies guarantee results on something they don’t have any control over? SEO is effective when you know what you are doing and establish your intent, goals, familiarity with your niche, and other factors.

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