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What Makes Our PBN So Powerful?

PBN links have proven time & again, to be a genuine solution to your Off-Page needs, provided they’re scraped, created & managed efficiently. At RankJacker, other than the obvious DA/RD metrics & Spam control, here’s a whole bunch of safety & authority parameters that we ensure to help you.

Dominate the Local or National SERPs

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Authoritative AGED DOMAINS

High-quality and aged domains up to 7 years old and we continuously add new domains to keep our PBN ever-evolving, impactful, and authoritative to do the trick for you.

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Huge Diverse Network

Addition of new sites into the general network is what we do constantly. This way we can continue the supply of links month after month without any repetition of sites.

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High End Maintenance

As a standard practice, we take a great amount of effort to continuously monitor, identify & trim contents off our PBNs to keep their quality intact, but don’t worry, we make sure, that any link stays at least for 3 months before we knock them off.

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Superior-Quality Content

For contextualizing your link, we do not use any sort of spun content. Each write-up is free of grammatical errors and is written natively.

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Trustworthy - Hand-Built Sites

We make use of fleshed-out, aged PBNs along-with premium themes. Your link juice and blogs both are of superior-quality.

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Transparent Reporting

No more, anonymous screenshot reporting, we deliver you the live links so that you have complete clarity in terms of PBN sites, Content & anchor alike. There’s just no way, you’d feel stranded & guessing about the quality & the potential impact.

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And the results happen when there’s clarity about the targeted outcome. Primarily, PBN links are employed for 2 basic outcomes & of course, they’re implemented at different stages of a website life cycle


With our Premium PBN, you can chose to build highly powerful Niche Specific High DA/TF Backlinks to break into top Search Results for real high-value terms.


They work best when you’ve your target KWs b/w Position 5-15, you can use Real KW Anchor links from the strongest of niche specific domains to help your website dominate your competition completely.

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A new website with limited organic reach & negligible traffic, requires initial trust & authority in SERPs. Our Budget PBN Links with Random, Branded or Generic anchor texts help send Topical Relevance, diversify anchor profile & silo your tier 1-links.


With our Budget General Network comes at a jaw dropping fee, creates considerable impact even for the most onerous rankings.

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Some Of Our Results

RJ PBN Links Results
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pricing and options

Through your RJ dashboard you can order general PBN links in a sizable quantity. You can get a special wholesale pricing. Be it 10 or 60, each and every link of yours is posted safely on our high-quality blog network.

Budget PBN Links


  • DA 30+ (Domain Authority)
  • From Multi Niche Sites
  • Do-Follow Link
  • Unique Content
  • Hosted In Unique IP’s
  • Zero Footprints
  • Permanent Post
  • 100% Safe
5 Links Pack 10 Links Pack 20 Links Pack

Advanced PBN Links


  • High DA 50+ (Domain Authority)
  • From Multi Niche Sites
  • Do-Follow Link
  • Unique Content
  • Hosted In Unique IP’s
  • Zero Footprints
  • Permanent Post
  • 100% Safe
5 Links Pack 10 Links Pack 20 Links Pack

Premium PBN Links


  • High DA 50+ (Domain Authority)
  • From Niche Relevant Sites
  • Do-Follow Link
  • Unique Content
  • Hosted In Unique IP’s
  • Zero Footprints
  • Permanent Post
  • 100% Safe
5 Links Pack 10 Links Pack 20 Links Pack

I ordered Amit’s service a few months back and wished I had met him when first launched my site. I saw a boost in rankings within the first week and ever since my link building strategy has always been handled by him. If you want quality over quantity he is the right guy.

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We minutely monitor and track each & every site in our networks to assuring the most trustworthy private links available. Non-Seo hosting is used by us for ensuring that all blogs possess 100% varied A, B, & C class IPs.

We differ with our CMS – from WP to Html to

Everything from themes to logos to site structure all you get is a world and extraordinary material. For maintaining the optimum level of the network we block bots and offer only partial screen-shot reports. For an enduring and strong blog network, we simply avoid footprints and exposure.

To get your link order it may take just about 14 business days. In case we notice any sort of turn-around times coming then we will surely close the service of ours to new clients.

We want to make it clear that there is no refund after links are placed. If the link drops within a time span of 12 months then we happily replace it with an equal or greater link.

There is no exact answer for this but most of the results try to show-up in a few days and not weeks or months, which may be the case for some lower-quality links.

Many of the clients witness good gains and report within some days of link placement. Though any exact date cannot be pinpointed. Since these are some of the best links, hence they are bound to outperform anything over the lower quality links.

Of course, the add-on service can be ordered by you.