Upper Funnel Vs Lower Funnel Marketing

By Rank Jacker on June 28, 2022

Upper funnel Vs Lower funnel

Whether you realize it or not, when you are a part of any business which counts on customers for its growth, then you are automatically a part of a funnel.

This marketing funnel has come a long way over the years and is also given names such as “conversion funnel” or “sales funnel”.
One should not get confused with this technical jargon as theoretically marketing funnel is straightforward, and the upper and lower funnel being part of it represents a consumer’s journey from being a cold prospect to becoming a hot lead/client.

From the audience you target, the content you create, and the marketing ways you will follow to grow your business or service, you need to have a clearer view of the upper and lower funnel accordingly.

Making things simpler for you let’s read below how the high and low parts of the funnel differ:
The first thing is all about understanding the buyer’s journey:

The Buyers Journey

When we talk about the top, upper, or high funnel, it’s all about creating awareness about your service, idea, or brand in turn attracting the likable audience who could be your future clients.

At this point of any business, sales is not the motive at all as it comes much later at the bottom or lower funnel.
The target audience of the upper and lower funnel will be different in terms of their requirements. Not convinced! Let me make it more clear… Your main motive is to drive traffic or a vast audience to your website at the first stage.

When you are building your marketing funnel, decent traffic is required to track your marketing strategies. And for gathering the attention of the relatable audience you can offer something that’s of great value such as a free ebook download, attending a webinar, presentations, and more.

Whatever problems your target niche caters to should be identified and you should be ready with expert advice for the same. Identify such specific problems prior and act accordingly giving solutions that fit the requirements of your target audience.

But which audience you are targeting needs to be always kept in mind. The ones who are completely unaware about your brand or company are your cold prospects at the upper funnel whereas the ones who have been filtered in the due course of the sales process i.e. the hot prospects or hot leads are your targets at the bottom of the funnel.

Now, these hot prospects which are at the bottom of the funnel need to be persuaded for sales which is explained later in the write-up.

Studying an idea of how some of the greatest brands go about when they are building their marketing funnel is a good thing to do. Rank-Jacker has proven with time how successful they were with their marketing strategies.

Content Usage

Know Stage

When you are creating awareness at the top of the funnel, you need to offer content that adds value to the reader. You should be in a position to offer worthy solutions with a crystal clear USP.
With good and educational content you will be able to prove your authority too and there are great chances that at this stage the visitors may turn into email subscribers. The best content you could offer here would be blog posts, social media posts, website content, webinars, email newsletters, etc. You will be required to track key performance metrics such as website traffic, referrals, email subscribers, social reach, and more.

Nurture Stage

By now you have been in a position to filter some of your leads who have shown interest in your site. This is also known as the consideration stage of the buyer.

Furthermore, nurturing them with blog posts, strategic emails, and more has led to making you prove your capability to solve problems and thereby gain authority.

The right content to offer here would be eBooks, free tools, case studies, white papers, and webinars and everything will work in automation with the least manual involvement.

The key performance metrics that you will be required to track at this point would be landing page conversion rates, costs per lead, Email open rates, lead source, lead quality, etc.

Action Stage

The prime motive here would be to convince your hot leads about the product which meets their needs the most. You need to offer solutions in detail and totality.

For Example:

  1. If you have a software product then giving free trials with demos will ensure a practical solution to your future buyers.
  2. If your business is a service-based one, then offering one-on-one consultation could portray your ability to solve any client’s unique problem.
  3. If your product is physical then social proof such as case studies and detailed testimonials may invite a click for the ‘buy’ button.

At this stage of the bottom or lower funnel marketing, content such as demos, free trials, consultations, product comparisons, white papers, detailed case studies, and more will work best.

The key performance metrics to measure here would be lead-to-sale conversion rate, customers, customer acquisition cost, and revenue.

Funnel Program


As discussed above also the prime motive of upper or high funnel marketing is creating brand awareness rather than direct conversions.

In other words, it’s like meeting your prospective leads where they reside. The awareness is created with valuable content, sponsoring events, social media posts and more as mentioned above.

There will be many visitors on your site who may be aware of your brand but not your clients yet. You will need to stay connected with them by remarketing in various ways possible.

Lower funnel or bottom funnel marketing is the place where you are targeting the ones who are about to convert into clients. Your main purpose here will be to offer them your brand benefits by proper advertising thereby inviting sales.

Which Is The Best? Upper Funnel Or Lower Funnel.

There is no specific answer to the above question as any business will have to go through a high funnel to reach the bottom funnel. This will all depend on your aim.

If you are targeting a larger audience for increasing traffic to your site then high funnel will hold more importance and if your aim is sales then lower funnel is preferable.

Both hold their own significance and are interrelated as without brand awareness sales cannot be initiated. Hence, your sole goal should be to go for the best marketing tactics at every level.

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