Niche Edits Backlinks For Diversifying Your Link Profile & Increasing Your Site’s Ranking

By Rank Jacker on December 14, 2020

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It has been proven beyond doubt, that niche edit backlinks offer a firm and solid backlink base and you can get a boost in your SERPs.

No matter if you’re doing it for branding campaigns, authority boosts, or exact match anchors, your website can be impactfully powered by niche edit placements.

Niche edit backlinks are not something new or a dangerous strategy for link-building purposes.

When a backlink is placed in an existing blog or any old piece of content then we call it a niche edit. Of course, these links are contextual and are also known as curated links.

To optimize this technique you need to be clear about their types. So, let’s read on:

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Niche Edit Backlink Types

1. White Hat Niche Edit Backlinks

Be it link-building agencies or individuals, this approach is probably followed by both.

These are – Safe & Authentic.

To understand it better the technique is carried out by manual outreach to a blog that’s not only relevant but promises to offer value to the owner’s blog with an authoritative outbound contextual backlink.

As you know the underlying aim is to procure a free link and increase the power of your website, but this method still remains a protracted one.

Despite this, you can use them confidently as they are ethical and help you maintain a strong SEO link profile.

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2. Gray Hat Niche Edit Backlinks

In this method, you just offer money to the owner of the blog in order to have a link placed for your benefit. You hope that you get a link that is positioned in a relevant article and a natural anchor text in the content.

Though this is against the rules or guidelines of Google and is just done by link-building teams for selling their services. They are not bad every time!

This is something you will not willingly inform Google.

This is something you won’t be automatically penalized for either.

In simple words, if the content actually shows the relevance and provides value to the visitor’s site then it’s not a bad practice against Google’s spirit.

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3. Black Hat Niche Edits

As the name itself suggests these links are risky and unethical to use and most are hacked. It is strongly recommended that these should not be used. If you ever use them there is a fair chance that Google will remove them instantly.

How Safe Are Niche Edits?

This is much debated among several affiliate marketers as some of them consider them safe while others don’t. In short different views and reviews prevail about this.

In general terms niche edits are safer than PBNs and do not involve any complicated process like writing guest posts.

Since all the links are being placed in aged and relevant articles so this can be understood as generating links from authority websites.

They are authentic and help greatly in increasing the ranking of your website. These are powerful and aid in augmenting the understanding + influence of your content for the audience.

Hence, generating business leads proves to be a crucial SEO tool and signal in online marketing.

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Which Niche Edits Work The Best?

A super simple way to find out which backlinks work perfectly for your niche:

  1. You need to figure out which content type is preferred by the audience. Check out the Facebook & Instagram posts, memes, interactive nature infographics (charts, diagrams), and more.
  2. What are the reactions of the audience and to what extent? Find out…
  3. Also track the websites which are relevant to your niche, industry, and content.
  4. Keep a check on your competitor strategies and SERPs (observing backlinks) to out passing them.
  5. Find a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your niche for maintaining an upper edge over others.
  6. Stay focused, original, and unique in your niche and content for establishing a strong backlink base.

Consider These When You Acquire Such Links

You know these links can be procured free or by paying. When you are searching for free links, look out for websites that share similar articles and content as yours.

Next, you can ask the site owner to offer you a link placement willingly. Now it’s up to them whether they accept or decline your request.

When making links on relevant sites these most important things should be tracked:

  • Link velocity
  • Anchor text diversity
  • Website or page authority should not be weak.
  • Check that the page or website you are linking to doesn’t have many links as this won’t let you acquire proper link juice

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