5 Mistakes To Avoid For SEO Agencies


By: Rank Jacker ∣ Updated: September 14, 2020

Are you a budding SEO Agency thinking to grow your business by leaps and bounds? No matter how you started your SEO business, you need to give your 100% to be successful in the long run.

Half-baked ventures usually lead to unhappy clients. Therefore, commence, run, and scale your SEO business to new heights. No matter you are a novice or an experienced SEO agency, committing mistakes are common.

If not rectified on time, this could slow down the progress and land you into trouble. So, below are some of the common mistakes that you need to eschew to ensure optimum business growth.

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1. Limit Your Learning

Most of the SEO agencies focus on building their SEO skills so as to attain dexterity in that. However, they are quite oblivious of the fact that this is the major mistake they are committing.

It consumes a lot of time that even distracts them from carrying out business marketing and other quintessential errands. SEO agencies must learn to get accustomed to new strategies, new tools, and upcoming techniques coming in the market.

In order to scale heights, no business owner must be interested in enhancing his skills; rather he should have a strong inclination towards enhancing his business and outsourcing the skills in his business.

He must be well-acquainted with the tactics to manage his clients with limited resources at the disposal. To get more business and strengthen the existing one, one must focus on upgrade his strategies.

The ideal focal point should be on getting the eye of prospects. Avoid polishing the skills every now and then.

2. Thinking That Inhouse Team Is Suffice

Handling SEO requires advance knowledge and skills. One must keep himself abreast of the recent trends, strategies, and ongoing modifications. Many agencies carry out SEO with the help of their in-house team.

However, they fail to understand that they might not be sufficed in carrying out such technical SEO know-how. Switching over to experienced persons adorned with high-end skills may prove to great help.

Rather than experimenting with your website, they focus on delivering the best. They fix the problems in no time that otherwise would take more time and exorbitant money.

3. Trying Multiple Vendors

Instead of running for a number of vendors, every SEO agency must stick to limited vendors who are well-versed in their work, ethics, and techniques. Contentment is the key.

In the seek of satisfaction, one might jump into multiple vendors. But, this can land you into trouble.

To grow your business, stick to reliable vendors who can serve your clients on your behalf with utmost dedication and sincerity in the state of urgency.

4. Lack Of Defined Process

Ever thought what occurs in case of no defined process? Mess and Chaos is simply the answer.

With a proper process, scaling to heights is not a difficult process. A sequence of the entire process must be followed starting from auditing, fixing the issues, keyword research & content planning, building techniques, to the optimization of the page.

The success of every step calls for a dedicated team. Appoint one person who can be delegated with accountability management.

He ensures the entire operation of SEO business is a smooth and swift procedure followed by the absence of any time lag.

Therefore, always aim for a centralized process that will not only help the agency to perform effectively but also eliminates hiccups in the whole process.

5. Lack Of Delegation And Accountability Management

One of the common mistakes that an SEO agency commits is lacking the appropriate strategy to delegate the tasks to the concerned person. They often wear multiple hats at one time thus failing to stand on customer’s expectations.

This often results in a derailed campaign and eliminates the accountability too. The agency must always assign the tasks and responsibilities to a different persona to ensure the smooth running of the SEO business.

Moreover, this will also result in seamless tasks with no delays and postponements.

Often the dearth of well-defined organization, collaboration, and incessant learning makes accomplishment a little harder.

Being an SEO agency, one must make extra efforts to organize the agency from top to bottom and list down everything ensuring the team knows everything.

most common mistakes in seo

A good collaboration is always the key. The lack of dedication person who is an expert in addressing the concerned issue and providing an up-to-date solution might retard your business.

Last but not the least, never stop learning. The day you will do, you will definitely lose your clients.

Taking the SEO business to the next level doesn’t happen overnight. It involves engaging the right strategies and keeping the mistakes at bay.

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  • Do You Want To Automate Your
    SEO Lead Generation?

    Get Access To The Blueprint of our system to generate continuos flow of SEO prospects in a predictable manner.