Niche, Geo & Brand Mini Nets For Local 3-Pack Domination


GEO Networks We Offer

A lot of people spend a ton of money just to achieve map rankings without a hint of a blip in the SERPs. You shouldn’t be surprised. There is a good reason why some businesses fail to appear in the map rankings.

SERP Algorithms Are getting increasingly sharper and to an extent Intrusive with a goal to provide the most relevant results for their Users.

  • Keywords Research &​ Audit
  • Local SEO Audit Services
  • Backlink Audit Services

Local Relevancy Is A Top Ranking Factor For Google Maps

Are You Struggling To Rank your Business In Local Search?

For Local Searches, Google analyzes a lot of factors to respond to a Search Query. The main ones are:

  • Keyword Intent
  • Relevance
  • Authority
  • Prominence
  • Proximity

Why Choose Us For GEO Networks?

We provide the ultimate source to deliver Relevance, Backlinks & Prominence

  1. Local Relevancy

    It is no secret anymore. Local relevancy is one of the top factors for SERPs to decide on rankings. While it is difficult, time-consuming, and costly exercise to find a mention on Local blogs & Websites via Outreach.

  2. Geo Targeted Properties

    Creating localized Geo-targeted Properties is an affordable, equally effective alternative and a great enabler to get you in Google Maps 3 Packs.

  3. Check

    In this phase of the project, if you sign up for our managed SEO program, our team will carefully monitor the statistics and rankings using GA, GSC, and Rank Trackers to make further assessments.

  4. ACT

    We use all the learnings in the check phase to devise a tier2 plan that may be required to further enhance the Roadmap that we had prepared in the DO Phase of the PDCA Model.

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Localized Maps Packages



  • 10 Localized Blogs
  • Map Directions
  • Unique Content
  • Up to 3 Keywords



  • 15 Localized Blogs
  • Map Directions
  • Unique Content
  • Up to 5 Keywords
  • Up to 300 Tier, 3 Map Embeds



  • 20 Localized Blogs
  • Map Directions
  • Unique Content
  • Up to 5 Keywords
  • Up to 300 Tier, 3 Map Embeds
David Krauter

We’ve been using RankJacker, for probably the last 3-4 years and have become part of the family. We’ve been looking for a provider to outsource, where you don’t have to look over to check that it’s going to be done in a quality fashion and billed correctly. I highly recommend going with Rohin because he knows what he’s doing and trust them with the work to deliver it on time, every time at the right price.

David Krauter


Frequently Asked Questions

Having delivered 100s of orders, we can confidently claim it to be an Ultimate source to provide local relevancy to your business and help you break into the google Map Rankings. A Powerful Strategy to help you rank in local search results.

For Local results, google calculates its results based on Keywords, presence & relevance of business along with proximity to the searcher. Keeping In line with google’s top local map ranking factors, we take enough care to feed the SERPs what it requires the most

We build High-Quality Web2.0 like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Medium, etc with a high rate of indexing.

100%. You get all the login information along with the reports. You can manage them and use them further

Exactly, we have had multiple clients with the same scenario and in such cases, we have built out the directions from your geographical location.

You can choose between 10, 15, or 20 properties. All the properties include unique handwritten content of up to 500 words.

Yes, of course. We have provided a custom field in the web form for you to add any relevant images/videos.