Insights Into Niche Relevant Backlinks

By Rank Jacker on October 12, 2022


What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks refer to inbound links which are one-way and that redirect to your website. As per Google’s guidelines, backlinks to websites are considered votes of confidence that increase the authenticity of your website. This creates another ranking factor where the highest number of backlinks of your website on quality websites will give you an upper hand in your ranking results.

Understanding Relevance

Backlinks and niche-relevant backlinks have a huge difference. Backlink services can be misleading if you aren’t aware of what’s best for your website. As you have clearly understood what backlinks are, it is important to figure out the concept of relevance. Your niche refers to your target audience where you want to target your content particularly. For instance, if your services are related to the healthcare industry, your niche should also be based on the same. Hence, you create anchor texts based on this and use relevant websites for backlinks that serve the niche’s purpose. Hence, you establish relevance to your website services and the products you host. You can get some more clarity by reading this article and getting insights into some of the best backlink SEO strategies.

niche relevant backlinks

Importance of Link Relevance

Firstly, you might wonder why link relevance is important. Is it possible to add backlinks to any websites? Well, adding backlinks to any website will help you gain traffic, but it will not bring positive results. Remember you are pitching your website to provide your products and services online, and redirecting your prospects to unrelated sites can affect your marketing strategies. Therefore, you need to establish a strong link relevance. When you build niche-relevant backlinks, your site is deemed to be legible and has the vote of confidence from your target audience, allowing you to boost organic growth.

What Makes a Link Relevant?

There are multiple attributes that help you understand link relevance and its impact on your website. Here are some of the top link relevance factors that will help you closely understand your niche.

Industry Relevance

Industry relevance refers to links that have connected websites of the same industry. For instance, if Website A is a healthcare industry and Website B is an SEO & digital marketing agency, linking Website A and Website B is irrelevant as they don’t belong to the same industry.

Niche Relevance

Imagine you are a surfer on the Internet and you come across a website that talks about amusement parks. While browsing the site you come across a link that redirects you to the automobile industry. Both websites have different intents, content, and purpose for their service. It makes no sense to link them. If you link sites that are irrelevant to each other, it will be considered a Black hat strategy.

Topical Relevance

Imagine you are in a plumbing business and you get an endorsement from a car rental business. The first thing that would come to your mind is how are these two relevant and why is a car-renting business endorsing a plumbing business. This is referred to as Topical irrelevance. To establish topical relevance links you need endorsements from websites of similar niches and industries.

Anchor Relevance

Would you like it if you click on a word and get completely unrelated content on it? It will be considered spam and a cheap trick to redirect traffic.

What anchor is used to link to the website

Geo Relevance

Geo-relevant links are backlinks that connect websites in the same region or location.

How to conduct keyword research on your niche?

To engage in relevant link-building, it is important to conduct an in-depth analysis of keyword research and content intent. This will allow you to build and construct your content with optimized keywords and anchor texts with sites that genuinely provide more information to the incoming traffic. Apart from this, you can rely on tools that give you detailed keyword insights and the volume of keyword usage.

Hence, you get a brief overview and closely analyze your competitors. Furthermore, analyzing your competitors will also give you insights into the metrics you need to target and the number of backlinks you need to add to your website. Hence, you optimize your website and know customization options for relevant backlinks specifically needed for your website.

Steer away from toxic backlinks

relevant link building

Poor backlink strategies are also referred to as toxic backlinks. Google has specific guidelines about backlinks and the impact of their violation. Hence, even if you hire a digital marketing agency or SEO expert, it is important to cross-check the quality of the website. The penguin algorithm is used to target low-quality backlinks and flag sites using it. If you relate your website to such links, it will ruin your strategies for an online presence. Therefore, it is important to look for websites that can be associated with high-quality links relevant to your website.

What are Black Hat and White Hat backlinks?

Black Hat refers to SEO strategies that violate Google’s guidelines. On the other hand, White refers to SEO strategies that can help you grow while sticking to Google’s stipulated guidelines. Black Hat links are those links that are not optimized and do not have an authoritative presence online. Some digital marketers also buy a swarm of links without analyzing their quality and relevance, which causes their website to get flagged or stunt growth. White hat links are relevant to your niche, the website has a good DA, and the content is relevant to your prospective audience.

geo relevant backlinks

Guide to adding niche-relevant backlinks

Well, there are experts to guide you with your niche-relevant backlinks. However, these are the things that you need to remember to establish flawless niche-relevant backlinks;

Keyword Research

KW research is quite important for niche-relevant building as it provides insights into your content’s intent, builds target audience persona, strategizes plans for CTA, and lays down effective and personalized plans on social media. Hence, you get to know niche-relevant backlinks.

Website Quality

Check if the website you are adding a backlink to is good quality. This refers to its current link-building efforts, SEO, keyword optimization, quality of content, and more. Hence, you cannot just buy a bulk package for links and get your work completed.

Anchor Texts

Anchor text acts as a keyword that redirects to another article, website, or pdf, that provides more information to the target audience. Choose the right anchor text which does not make your target regret their decision to click on that link.

What should be avoided while link building?

Firstly, it is important to understand that buying bulk links or package deals is not a way to move forward with your website growth. You don’t get any customization options, and there are no detailed insights into SEO improvement with the help of backlinks. The only thing that bulk packages provide is a backlink. Hence, you shouldn’t fall prey to link-building packages that don’t understand the concept of niche-relevant links or those that cannot guarantee your quality.

How To Build Niche Relevant Backlinks?


Another way to build a niche-relevant backlink is to earn endorsements. You can also build a good image and earn opportunities to add backlinks on high-ranking websites.

Buy – from buy backlinks

The easiest way to build niche-relevant backlinks is to buy them in bulk or availing buy backlink packages. However, this method relies completely on the digital marketing agency and the quality of the service they provide.


It is likely that you aren’t satisfied with a solution to buy backlinks. However, the good news is that there are other strategies as well. Besides buying backlinks, you can personally reach out to websites(performing well in SERP) in your industry requesting them to add your website link to their website. This is referred to as outreach strategies.

Outgoing Thoughts

Niche Relevant links are quite important, and success can only be achieved if you closely work with an expert to analyze your needs and develop a customized plan. Hence, it is vital that you don’t fall prey to fairy tale promises from bulk link packages and rely on customized options and SEO experts or digital marketing services. Get started with your niche relevance link building.

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