Unknown Facts About Niche Edits Backlinks

By Rank Jacker on December 21, 2021


Genuine Link building is one of the deciding factors for your site’s success or survival in today’s times. The quality link insertions matter a lot for increasing your site’s visibility and authority on the net.

So, Niche edit backlinks have a great role to play when we talk about link building.

What exactly are niche edits? What are their benefits? Are they different from Guest Posts and PBN links? How to ensure that your anchor texts fit your niche edit links perfectly? All such queries and more are answered below.

Niche Edit Backlinks

Whenever a contextual link is inserted in an old guest post, page, or blog then we refer to it as a niche edit backlink or a curated link.

If you place the niche edits in the right manner then they can benefit you in multitudinous ways and help your site rank higher.

The posts, pages, or blogs on sites that are being linked to are credible and already indexed by Google.

The crux is if the page is relevant and the links placed are of quality then it will certainly help you boost your site’s rankings.

If the backlink is connected to a site that shows authority then your site is bound to get better visibility on the search engines soon.

Are Link Insertions And Niche Edits The Same?

Another name for niche edits/curated links is link insertion. So, all three of them mean and operate in the same way: boost rankings of your page, post, or site.

In order to experience optimum results, you are required to put a selected text with a link in an aged article that’s promising enough to grab the attention of the search engine.

Similar to guest posts, these link insertions, if carried out in the right manner will attract many visitors/readers from authority sites to the articles, page, or post you have linked with.

7 Facts About Niche Edit Links Uncovered

  • Fast To Implement
  • Scalable
  • Brand Awareness
  • Authority Building
  • Increased Traffic
  • Better Rankings
  • Instant Results

Since these have to be placed in the existing articles, using niche edits is quite easy and faster to do than the other link types.

They are scalable and can be put in any aged article using the right context. As mentioned above also the niche edits are done in the existing articles which are ranked and indexed by Google, so your brand gets importance much faster as compared to links placed in the newer articles.

Your brand awareness is optimized and in turn authority building of your site also takes place in less time in a positive manner. Above all, you can enjoy the instant results as niche edit backlinks provide good link juice with nice traffic thereby meaning more rankings.

Are Niche Edits Different From Guest Posts & PBN Links?

Niche Edits VS Guest Posts

Yes, both are totally different as niche edits are hypertexts that connect to an already existing, aged article, post, or page on a site that has gained authority over time.

Whereas Guest posting is the instrumentation made by an authority site’s owner. In this process, the websites that are searching for recognition, do a well-researched article and then post it on the site that has adequate authority.

Guest posting positions are somewhat difficult to find as authority sites do not prefer the support of young/budding sites.

Niche Edits VS Private Blog Networks

PBNs are absolutely different from niche edits as these are like a link pyramid or link wheel involving a network of websites for link building. The sole purpose is to get search engine rankings by manipulation.

This is cleverly done by some individuals which include numerous sites linking to one another or to a single website holding a central place.

All those site owners who want to stay afloat decide to purchase old domains that have high authority in the eyes of Google.

Now search engines generally do not care when it is about the quality consideration of an aged domain and count it as a reputable one due to its long existence.

This may be a good and quick idea though for gaining rankings for younger sites, putting content, and linking to the old domain that already has many visitors (the traffic won’t be organic) but sticking to white hat niche edits is always advisable.

Ensuring Your Anchor Texts Fit The Niche Edit Links Perfectly

Finding quality backlinks is a progressive task and the tact of creating anchor texts that fit perfectly well and are read with attention is all the more crucial.

Your choice of words should be appropriate while creating anchor text and they should be able to draw the reader’s attention thereby earning a click.

Ensure that you provide the URL of your site, post, or page along with the exact text which you are willing to appear on the hyperlink.

The words of the anchor text should be readable & clickable. If you are unable to put the main keyword then you can always attach the related or part of the main keyword.

You can do it yourself or if finding difficulty in creating and inserting the right anchor texts then hiring a company or a webmaster who specializes in this process of genuine link building could be a wise decision.

You can have an agreement with the company for doing the job of quality link insertions on your behalf. Rank-jacker.com is one such White Label SEO agency that specializes in Link building and other related SEO services.

Though the first and foremost thing would be to check on the site which text stands out:

  • Using the main keyword linking to the thoughts of the post, page, or article which reaches naturally makes the best anchor text.
  • THE LESSER WORDS USED, THE BETTER IT IS. The anchor text you use should be readable, clickable, and stand out (colors can be changed from the usual black).
  • Not only texts, you can use images that are clickable, or subtitles can also be linked. It’s a great idea if you try to use the main keyword as the subtitle prior to hyperlinking it. This is a resourceful way of telling search engines about your work.

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