What’s The Perfect Time To Start Link Building For A New Blog Post?

By Rank Jacker on February 20, 2023

how to get backlinks for your blog

A credible social media presence and paid advertising should be essential elements of your promotion strategy. But your blog posts also need an organic address chain and a web presence that can lead your target audience to your content. You can accomplish wider outreach with link building.

The Definition Of Link Building

Link building is the process of placing links on other websites and social channels to link back to your blog/website. It is a step-by-step sequence of acquiring hyperlinks to your website on relevant websites. It is one of the most powerful tactics to achieve higher SERP, as confirmed by Google’s chief Search Advocate John Mueller.

Backlinks Create Reciprocal Partnerships.

Google search engines crawl the links between websites and individual web pages. And they reward websites with links to trusted websites that are placed higher in ranking.

This Is What A Hyperlinked Blog Post Looks Like:

Strategic link-building has plenty of perks. It contributes towards higher Google rankings, organic traffic, and a host of other passive benefits that can’t be tabulated on a spreadsheet. Before we dive into the timings, let’s first understand the purpose of link building.

The Purpose Of Link Building

There are two reasons why you need to focus on SEO link building:

1. Promotion: Millions of blog posts are published every day. If you don’t have a solid strategy for promotion, you are firing an arrow into oblivion.

Apart from paid campaigns, there are plenty of other ways in which you can promote your new blog post. One of which is a link-building campaign.

2. Google Ranking: Google is a deeply consumer-centric search engine. It elevates pages that are deemed meaningful. A page with quality backlinks is much higher on the ladder of being meaningful.

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From building relationships on the web to getting referral traffic and building an organic brand — link building is innately important. But when do you start? We have a guide for you. Let’s go!

When To Start Link Building For A New Blog Post

It takes about three to 12 months for a new link-building blog strategy to come to fruition. So how can you settle on the right time for SEO link building?

Well, you can ask yourself a couple of questions.

Top Signs To Look For Before Starting Your Link-Building Campaign

1. Is Your Page Indexed By Google?

Page indexation is when a Google crawler visits your page and determines its viability and resourcefulness. Your page is now stored in the Google index – which is good news. This is a welcome sign for you to start your link-building campaign.

Link building is all about reaching out to relevant and related websites and asking them to form a relationship with your content. It’s a matter of trust.

The common goal of outreach is to build long-term relationships with mega influencers and renowned people on the web. And indexation is a positive sign that your content is getting talked about on the web.

2. Is Your Website Up To Date?

Keeping your website up to date is crucial. New bloggers can wait till after you have achieved a considerable weekly word count on their blogs. What is a solid weekly word count to aim for? You should have achieved at least 3k to 5k weekly words before you begin tapping into the SEO link-building strategies.

So much SEO is about hand-holding casual internet scrollers to your content. This includes referrals. And link building is the backbone of referral traffic. This translates to leads, and then sales.

When you zoom out to the larger picture, there is more to link building than an SEO exercise. It is vital for you to care about helping people and meeting their needs. Link-building helps you meet the goal of guiding viewers to your authentic, original, and fact-checked content.

3. Are You Investing In Paid Promotional Campaigns?

Great social media sites are high authority chains in the eyes of Google. Content that’s being shared by hundreds of social media users affirms the blog’s purpose. Such content gets organic backlinks. Backlinks represent an astounding vote of confidence from authoritative brands.

When you already have a plan for paid promotional campaigns, you should start link-building as well.

If there’s anything we have learned from the past decade, it is that social media following is synonymous with building castles of sand. You never know when it all might slip from right under you. Link building is a way to keep the foundation firm.

4. Are You Pushing Out Niche And Original Content?

An important sign to look for when you are thinking of investing in link-building strategies is having a formidable content library of original content.

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The primary keywords can be the ideal anchor words for you to attach your content. Some fantastic link-building techniques such as content creation, cold outreach, and original publishing show your expertise in the field. These strategies help in spreading the word about your offering.

As a content marketer, you can no longer rely on social media and paid advertising alone to generate traffic to your website. You must invest in backlinks. Link-building establishes your website as an authority in your targeted niche.

Word Of Caution

It’s important to understand that not all backlinks in SEO contribute to maintaining or elevating the validity of a page. Secondly, getting links from external websites often messes up your website’s SEO.
When it comes to backlinking, “the more, the better” does not stand. You need to narrow your focus to fewer high-quality links, like guest posts or PBN links, rather than aiming for thousands of irrelevant and unrelated backlinks. Weak backlinking can backfire as well – and that’s something you must consider while moving forward.

Best SEO Link Building Practices For New Blogs

Now that you have decided to pursue link-building for your blogs, you need an effective SEO backlink strategy. We’ve talked a lot about why link-building is important for your brand-new blog. Now let’s learn how you can put this into practice.

Here Are The Best Practices For Link Building:

1. Ask For It

This is our top recommendation for beginners. Simple-worded or direct messages go a long way when you are placing such requests. Just make a list of blogs/websites you’d like to feature on and start cold pitching.

2. Testimonials

Handing out generous testimonials is a great way to build a solid backlink on your desired website. You are the one in control here, as you get to choose the websites your want to contribute to. A quick way to get started is by leaving comments on blog posts that have served you well or sharing your target audience.

3. Build relationships

It bears repetition that good link-building is all about making friends in the industry. Networking and putting your new blog post out for your peers to interact with is how you go about it. You can start with niche-related communities such as slack channels, blogs, forums, etc. Being an active member of these groups will yield great results in your link-building journey.


Link building helps you promote your website and improve your Google ranking. There is no formula or “right time” to initiate link-building for new blog posts. It depends on a multitude of factors, such as whether your page is indexed on Google, your use of paid promotional campaigns, and more. When you decide to start building links for your site, you need to have a robust strategy. For this, let us help you. RankJacker SEO has the best link-building strategy for content marketers like you. You can read more about link-building packages right here. Let’s work together to make the most of your digital footprint.

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