A Live Case StudyTo Recover The URLs
Removed From Google Index


By: Rank Jacker ∣ Updated: October 20, 2020

Google's recent announcement about closing down its index temporarily had the SEO geeks wondering as to what the world’s largest search Engine was up to.

I possibly had the first brush with the indexer when I noticed quite a few pages of one of my affiliate websites deindexed from the Search Engine. Most of the pages were the main money pages that can potentially affect the revenue huge time.

The most common queries that popped up in my mind to search for a possible solution included

  • Why is my page missing from Google Search Results?
  • URLs removed from Google Indexer!
  • What To Do if your URLs are de indexed from Search results?

As expected nothing worth while come from these searches except for this process to verify if your pages are, in fact, removed from the index or not?

I tried to search through the web but couldn’t find a single recent article on the issue which can help suggest the possible solution to the problem.

Since the Indexing function is disabled for now, here are a few of the options that could be employed to test if these can bring back the content on Google’s Index.​

We’ve had multiple urls removed from the index and thus we’d be using each of the tatic on a separate urls to judge as to which tactic helps bring them back.

A point to mention that we have deliberately left the most important URLs (that have been de indexed) as it is to allow time to see if Google indexed them on its own in due course and in the meantime if we could get success with any of the below mentioned tactics, we can then try to implement the same tactic to the URLs left (in case they don’t get indexed automatically) one by one.

Some Other Seo Community Members Complaining About Same Issue

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