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What Is A Google Authority Stacks?

Building google drive stacks are a proven method to leverage different entities of the Google ecosystem like Google Drive and Google Sites with tactical interlinking to stack up the power of other properties like Google Doc, slides, presentation, forms, etc in the form of authority stacks.

Google offers more trust and authority to its own properties, and that makes thе Google Stacks so effective. It provides you the option of adding more backlinks to your money site as Google trusts its own domain google portal.

Basically, link building is done by using the backlinks of google owned domains. On the other hand domain authority stacking where the backlinks are from the other high DA sites and most of them being Web 2.0 and not from Google properties.

A complex pattern of interlinked properties further enhances the power to flow through the stacks and power up your money pages with varied Keyword rankings in search engine results.

Top 3 Reasons To Include A Google Drive Stack Seo

Enhanced SEO

Enhanced SEO

Dominate your niche with multiple Page 1 ranking for 10s of low competition KW variations with our google drive stacks.

Credible Google Backlinks

Credible Backlinks

Safe, Authority Backlinks coming from Google properties offer better projection in SERPs.

Googles Trust

Google’s Trust

Earn Google’s Love by leveraging the authority of Google-owned properties which often rank instantly using these google drive authority stacks.

Benefits Of Google Stack Backlinks

Google Stack Backlinks

  • Content Required.
  • Potential Push to Search Rankings.
  • Pass on link juice, trust, and relevancy to money sites for better organic rankings.
  • 100% white hat backlinks from google babies.
  • No need to worry about duplicate content and PBN footprints & guaranteed Google indexing.


Phase 1

In phase one we will create advanced level google web properties like Google public folder, Google pdf, Google doc, Google spreadsheet, Google drawing, Google presentation & embedded youtube video.

google drive stack

Phase 2

In phase second we’ll use your pre-existing social profiles & stack them inside google drive properties and create a link network. (We highly recommend you to use our proven DAS-created profiles for these).

google stack backlinks

Phase 3

In phase three we will tie Google Drive + Google Sites together into 1 google drive stack at sites.google.com.

google authority stacks

Phase 4

In phase four we will point 5 high TF 30+ PBN Links to the site.google.com (created in step 3) which will help tо increase the overall trust & relevancy of the property.

google stacking

Google Authority Stack Packages

Local Niche Domination



  • Google Public Folder
  • Google Spreadsheet
  • Google Doc
  • Google Maps
  • Google Drawing
  • Youtube Video Embed
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  • Google Public Folder
  • Google Spreadsheet
  • Google Doc
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube Video Embed
  • IFTTT Auto Tweet Syndication To Google Doc
  • Build 10 Domain Authority Stacking Profiles
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Frequently Asked Questions

You get 70% reports which include Logins Details for all your Branded Profiles, Google Sites, IFTTT, and Social Signal Screenshots. We can not risk putting our Hi TF sites and Client Information to everyone.

What About Them? Just Kidding – They’re fine but all content will be in English (unless you provide us with foreign language content). Feel free to PM us on this.

If it is possible to penalize any website using Google Stacks or GSA Campaign, then I would penalize my competitor’s websites first. Thus by penalizing all my competitor’s websites I would get the top position in search engines easily. So, there is no chance of getting penalized by google for using my Stacking or GSA Search Engine Ranker Campaign.

Yes, you can always try to do it yourself. But let me tell you that there are so many little loopholes that you need to take care to perform a successful campaign. Again it’s up to you.

Yes for sure, you can check out at.

If you have this question in mind then how do you rate yourself working 10-12 hrs on a single campaign? We may be costly (depending on your budget) because we know what value we can bring to your client for long-lasting rankings in SERPs. Thanks.