Agency Framework: 11 Ways For Differentiating Yourself In A Cluttered SEO Market

By Rank Jacker on December 7, 2021

Agency Framework: 11 Ways For Differentiating Yourself In A Cluttered SEO Market

To excel and outmatch your competitors in today’s rumble jumble SEO market could be extremely challenging. There is no one sure-shot formula too to achieve the success pinnacle.

But ‘Yes’, we can certainly learn from the experiences of other such successful agencies who have undergone their journey with much effort, pain, and experiments.

Being a part of the 21st-century digital marketing and delivering the most successful results, you need to set a structure or make an agency framework that’s not only solid but keeps you stay different from the others in the mad rat race.

Let me tell you, there is a lot of homework to be done prior to formulating your offerings, their sales, branding, marketing your agency, ahhh, and much more.

Agency Framework

Please keep in mind that it’s not a given strategy that is powerful or effective but its role in the overall sales process. Every technique offers its benefits and can be used to curb some specific issues.

Be free to use the below-mentioned tactics and do not stop trying new avenues.

Be Clear & Concise

An agency is not something that comes with a popular tag -‘One size fits all.’

Every SEO agency is unique with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. A solidified approach to distinctiveness is concise and clear. You should be super clear about your company approach and fundamentals and be able to describe them in a few words or sentences.

When you are clear about when and how to present your services and why they are important, marketing campaigns can increase your client base. It further shows a sense of professionalism, making the client engage more with your services and believe that you are a real expert in the field.

In case you waver with your clarity then I am fearful you have a whole lot of work to do.

Hence, be clear as to where you want to reach, focusing on your aim and niche.

Be a specialist, not a generalist!

Define Your Target Market

Over the last decade, there has been a drastic rise in the digital marketing space. There are specialists in every discipline like SEO, PPC, conversion rate, email marketing, web design, conversion rate optimization, and a bundle of others.

So, if you want to have so many niche specialties, the expertise may be hampered.

Let me explain further: Different businesses need to hold such channels in a different manner and there are some agencies whose entire focus is on specific verticals related to every such discipline.

If you have an agency, you can’t do everything with the same expertise and experience. Your specific services along with the target market need to be defined prior & proper.

Still doubts then this is perfectly explained below:

“To maximize their revenue numerous agencies are trying to do many things at the same time. The clients suffer mediocre performance, as a result, the expertise remains missing and the results get crushed on the part of agencies. You cannot have expertise in everything, so focus on your strong points & services only before formalizing them.“

Selecting Clients Sensibly

Some clients could be a misfit for your company or agency. Strictly avoid them!!

For this, you need to have clarity as to what sort of clients you want to cater to.

There is no dearth of good clients or companies in digital marketing and you just need to target the right ones.

If you think the relationship won’t go long then saying ‘no’ in the beginning to one potential client, in any case, is not wrong.

“Being picky is good sometimes, especially when it is about deciding your business clients. In case someone approaches you and explains what they want, but aren’t happy with your proposal or pricing part, it could be a massive red flag. Do not bow down rather showcase your worth and the efforts you put into your projects. If pricing is of constant concern for a hot customer of yours, LETTING THEM GO is fine.“

When you are to offer your offerings, style your branding, then define your target persona well. Here are a few questions that will let you understand well:

  • Will you be focusing on larger companies or small business owners?
  • Are you going to select clients who have less knowledge of digital marketing or companies with clearly defined digital marketing plans?
  • What kind of a relationship do you want to share with your client: a collaborative one or a client which lets you keep complete control?

Be clear with all such queries before you move ahead. We are ready with an extended hand to help you differentiate your offer and make it unique, feel free to connect us!

Identify For Your USP & Make It Your Strength

You need to introduce yourself well to your clients and all the ones who are interested to know about your agency & related services.

All agencies or companies are unique as some may be boasting of a high reputation due to their expert team, some may be sharing a good rapport with their company culture, and some may value their core values.

Again you need to be clear about your specialty as an agency, and more than this you need to communicate it brilliantly in every way. Whether it’s your website, your branding, your reports that you will deliver, client meetings, and more….be crystal clear about how you communicate it!

Clear vision and mission will always let you grow faster than others.

Company Culture Should Match Client Comfort

Yes, once you have your clients into your agency, then you need to ensure and make them feel comfortable with your company culture. This can be done by communicating your things in a proper manner which in turn promises to trust and comfort.

When your clients have a click that they will be engaging with similar-minded people then automatically you will invite success.

In a nutshell, you should showcase your agency and its uniqueness (spectacular website, efficient staff, congenial office environment, value system) that makes you stand out more than your competitors.

Highlight Your Company Success Promisingly

It’s important to maintain complete, up-to-date records of your activities.

A key element to building trust and showing your abilities and skill on the ground is you must provide the clients with all of the information that you think is essential for them to know.

This is a single thing that will tell your worthy clients about the value you offer.

It can be made more reliable and true by speaking it with case studies and some great works done for your previous clients.

This will show your abilities and confidence in the way you worked and will work in the future for your hot prospects to replicate success.

Aim On Building Relationships

Gone are the days when just person-to-person or face-to-face interactions used to take place to make your business grow. Now with the technological blast, there are numerous ways to connect and this has resulted in making things more impersonal.

For expanding the client base companies use emails, text messages, slack phone calls, group messaging apps, social media platforms, and the list goes on.

A personal touch with your present or future clients will always keep you ahead of your competitors as this will assure your clients that you always care for and support them. We all know, no one likes agencies that are just profit-focused or data-driven.

‘Make your potential customers feel special.’

If you build strong and true relationships with them you can beat others in your industry well.

Don’t Work For Clients, Work With Them

If your clients have any doubts or queries regarding their digital campaign then they should feel confident and comfortable approaching you at any time.

Many of the agencies portray themselves as experts but fail to be so and one reason could be confusing the clients with massive amounts of data & terminology.

This should be avoided and you should make your clients feel super comfortable making them feel that you work with them and not just for them.

Rather you can provide valuable information about your agency and the work you perform in the form of videos, blogs, podcasts, and more. Try to educate and update your clients with knowledge and particulars that makes them know your worth and expertise.

Be Creative In Your Offerings

Creativity & Innovation, just stick to them!

This will outshow your agency’s uniqueness and expertise. Yes, some overlapping between your business and sales strategy takes place at this point.

If you want to stay ahead in the game, be different with the services you offer, stay flexible with minimum contract lengths, and adjust prices in comparison to your competitors.

Believe me! You will win the game. I again repeat, be hella creative and serve everything to your prospects that are tailored magnificently.

Be Flexible And Value Driven

When it is about client contracts, the minimum commitment expected or your cancellation policy remains the key distinguishing factor. Since there is nothing like instant results in an SEO world, so many of the agencies stick to a minimum contract of 6 months.

If you are actually confident about your ability to deliver faster results then opting for month-to-month contracts could keep you ahead of other competitors.

The entire game is not about KPIs (key performance indicators) which some agencies solely focus on, rather most potential clients of yours will always be keen on knowing what you can do for them.

Getting rankings is also important but communicating your unique value along with exhibiting your past successes is also crucial. Ensure that your work speaks louder than just numbers.

Stay Honest And Do What You Preach

My little piece of advice!

Be honest with yourself and make sure your agency has the right set of resources to deliver the product you are promising. For example, if you want to focus on doing project work for higher ticket clients (think enterprise level), understand that this will require a lot more resources than being able to do smaller projects or constantly changing clients.

If you don’t have the right kind of staff, equipment, and financial resources to take on these kinds of projects, then there’s no shame in saying that you cannot accept high-ticket work from a client.

You shouldn’t cherry-pick data or anything else that makes your project look better for your clients. You need to be completely honest and transparent at all times so you can build a strong rapport with them.

Your industry brand should also reflect the value you promise to your clients that will make them stand out. For e.g. Your agency brand is competent in web design with high creativity then your website should show innovation. The strategies you have and the branding you do should be in sync with what you preach to your clients.

The Bottom Line:
The above-mentioned are just a few ways that can make your agency outshine others. Do not hesitate to experiment with new approaches for staying different.

With the above tactics, many agencies have achieved success and Rank-jacker is one among them.

Still Facing Issues to Strategize your Agency Framework…

Don’t worry, and book a “FREE” call now and obligate us to help you with your queries or any other related issues.

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Amit Kumar, Marketing Lead & Co-Founder at RankJacker SEO is an MBA & A former Sales Professional with a knack for experimenting with Content & Copywriting. He loves to keep a tab on the latest updates in Content Marketing & SEO applications.

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