Why Page Speed Optimization & How to Improve it For Better SEO Results in 2021


By: Rank Jacker ∣ Updated: April 14, 2021

Fast websites with short loading times have many advantages: Not only does Google reward fast websites, but visitors will also be grateful to you.

Online shops and websites can show a better conversion if they load faster. In contrast, many users leave a website again if it loads for more than 3 seconds.

Therefore, short loading times are extremely important. In a New Industry Benchmark study, Google shows how high the bounce rates (mobile) are when loading times are too high.
Pagespeed Load Time


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Why Is Color Tour The Right Choice For Page Speed Optimization?

We optimize your website or your shop for the best possible page speed. We use various tool providers to measure this, such as Webpagetest.org, Google Lighthouse, Google Pagespeed Insights, tools.pingdom.com, and many more.

Only with a detailed analysis can all loading time killers be discovered and rectified.

We have already been able to significantly optimize the loading times of many customer projects in the past and thus improve their rankings and conversion.

Pagespeed Audit: What Influences The Pagespeed?

The loading times are influenced by the files to be loaded: A large website with many files, such as Java scripts, CSS files, images, videos, and more, requires more loading times than a slim page with only a few files.

The purpose of customization is so that even websites with lots of files can load quickly.

There are various levels to achieve this:

  • Caching (server and browser caching)
  • Server/hosting
  • Images
  • HTTP requests
  • HTTP / 2
  • Keep-Alive-Header
  • CDN
  • Size of the HTML page
  • PHP version
  • Gzip or bread
  • CMS, themes, and plugins


And much more can affect loading times.


We check exactly these and many other points in a page speed audit. Here we record all points that can be optimized and then discuss the optimization with you.

Measure loading Times Correctly: Which Tools Are Recommended And What Should Be Considered?

There are many different providers in the field of loading time measurement.

It is always important to ensure that the test server is also in the same country or near your host. Otherwise, the loading times will not be measured correctly.

The recommendations of individual tools should always be viewed with caution.

WebPagetest Org

The loading times can be measured in great detail on webpagetest.org, and the waterfall model can be used to check which files are causing particularly long loading times.

One of the most complete and best sites for measuring load times.

Web Page Test

Pingdom Tools

The tool checks various aspects of optimization, such as active browser caching, image sizes, file sizes, and much more. Worthwhile for an initial check.

Remember that the test server has to be changed to the server near the server on the website.

Otherwise, the loading times for servers that are far away are likely to be poor.


Pingdom Speedtest Tool


GTMetrix checks the loading time and uses various graphs and curves to show where your site still has room for improvement.

A very popular tool with a lot of suggestions. When measuring, make sure that the server location was selected. Otherwise, there will automatically be a delay.


Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

The testing tool for measuring the loading times from Google itself. Possible optimizations are displayed here, such as the compression of Java and CSS files, the server’s response time, etc.

The loading times are measured on the desktop as well as mobile.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Lighthouse

The Lighthouse extension from Google examines individual website URLs on a very technical level and shows optimization potential.

The analysis is divided into five broad umbrella terms: Progressive Web App, Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO.

After the analysis, you will receive a report with all the tests and results carried out—a great extension with many analysis functions on the technical level.

Google Lighthouse

Your Advantages Of Page Speed Optimization

  • The user experience of your website is improved by faster loading times.
  • Possible better rankings in the SERPs on Google & Co.
  • Better conversions and more leads through your website or shop.
  • Your project is in safe hands and is only looked after by real experts.
  • Transparent way of working – you always know what we are currently working on and optimizing.
Frequently Asked Questions
The faster a website loads, the better. A website or a shop should be accessible within a maximum of 1.5 seconds.

Everything beyond that should be checked and optimized. Remember, the longer your website loads, the faster visitors will leave.
There are various tools for measuring, such as Webpagetest.org, Pingdom, Google Pagespeed Insights, Google Lighthouse, and many more. When measuring, the test server mustn’t be too far away from your server; otherwise, the distance will cause an automatic loading delay.
Since the user experience is another important ranking factor and the loading times, Google has designed new key figures: The Core Web Vitals are the three key figures.

  • Largest Contentful Paint: How fast does the main content of a website load?
  • First input delay: How quickly does a website react to user interaction? (e.g., when a link is clicked)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift: How much does the content shift when the website loads?
In addition to optimizing loading times, we also take care of these three important key figures when optimizing.

Clearly: content is more important than page speed – what’s the point of having a fast website with bad content that doesn’t satisfy the user? So always make sure that the content is aimed at your target audience.

The costs here always depend on the effort and cannot be given a flat rate.
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Do You Want More Traffic,

More Leads & More Clients?

Let us analyze your website today for better ranking & revenue. Click on the below button for a free analysis. Request A Free Analysis!