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Back in the day if you wanted to get noticed it meant renting a billboard or taking out an ad in a newspaper.

But with the emergence of search engines to seek any information – People, companies, and other organizations have been in constant competition to claw to the top of search results.

Natural SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been in demand and is one of the most sought-after services today.

But, still, most of the business owners offering SEO services themselves struggle to find clients and stay afloat.

The most common cause is failure to identify a target audience & subsequently absence of a clear strategy to outreach them and often their preposition is not in sync with their offer and audience as well.

Having serviced hundreds of SEO agencies, I’ve been able to identify the exact hierarchy of processes that SEO Business Owners need to follow and work on so that they have a clear message that strikes with their audience, a provocative proposition that amplifies the need of SEO for their business goals and a lucrative offer that has the potential to convert your prospect without much coaxing.

Know What You’re Selling

With hundreds of agencies catering to a particular geographical location, it’s getting difficult by the day to find clients in varied niches.

Most of the agencies, in desperation or enthusiasm, start off having multiple services like SEO, PPC, FB Marketing, and whatnot, which leave them clueless about what service to focus on and keeps the client guessing about their best skill.

If you still don’t have too many clients or you’re just starting off, keep a linear approach.

Identify your best skill and start researching a specific niche that you wish to focus on like Real Estate, Tourism, Gyms, Bars & restaurants, etc, and further niche down to a specific sub-niche if possible.

This is essentially the most important part of the whole process as you won’t want to get into a niche that doesn’t have much scope in your area and also due to the fact that your entire proposition will be based on how many raw prospects you can find to outreach.

From a client’s perspective, they are always looking for a vendor who has experience in their industry and some past record to support their claims. So, having a definite industry to target and a specific niche to approach prospects, lets you prepare better.

1. Work On Your Preposition

Now that you have a target niche/audience to work on, the next step is to work on your preposition that differentiates your business from the rest. Your Sales page or service page needs to be specific for your audience and explicitly project your preposition and Sales Offer.

Let me give you an example, every year millions of students graduate from different schools and all of them explore the right institution which offers them the best course.

Proportionally, many institutions offer the same course, but it depends on how uniquely they offer their skills.

If you are selling something that can be acquired anywhere then they will acquire the cheap one however if you are offering a specific skill set or some ability that nobody else has, well that makes a different story.

The goal of your sales page is, of course, to convert but you should also present an opportunity for your visitors to leave their contact details to put them in a funnel and use it to retarget them in the future.

2. Establish Your Brand:

In marketing, projection is what makes you acceptable to your audience.

So when you’re projecting yourself as a brand in a particular niche, you already created a long-lasting impression on your prospects, no matter, if they convert or not right now, they will surely remember your brand.

At the core, your brand needs to reflect who you are and what you stand for.

Insert your personality into the brand and make sure that your brand is reflecting what they are looking for.

3. Become A Thought Leader:

What is the value of authority in a world where everybody is a possible thought leader?

In the current scenario, many thought leaders face similar challenges. The fields they work in and the markets they choose to work in the overlap.

But the major problems they face are a glut of content, scale, and capitalizing on work.

If you want people to read what you write make sure you know what you are talking about.

4. Gather Client Testimonials:

Asking for clients’ testimony in a way that inspires them to leave a glowing review.

But how to do that? Reverse Personalization is the process of humanizing your brand for the customers and the clients you serve.

Request a review personally.

Reverse personalization increases our connection and this makes the clients type a review for your products or give you a five star instead of four stars. That even increases client satisfaction.

Firstly, introduce yourself briefly. Secondly, show your gratitude for buying your products and thirdly ask for a review and tell them why it matters. Finally, thank them for their support.

5. Master Cold Emailing:

Cold emailing is one of the best ways to get clients and grow your business without spending money on paid advertising or complex sales files.

Learn how to use cold emails to get a client and grow your business by pretty much spending zero amount of money.

We need to answer the question of who are we targeting, and who are we reaching out to and this gives a clear picture and allows us to create a message.

The goal of these emails is to generate an appointment, it is not to get a sale on the spot.

6. Nurture The Relationship With The Lead:

Lead nurturing is important to inbound marketing because it is your opportunity to provide value to your leads and customers and help them grow with your business.

It is the process of building relationships with your prospects to earn their business when they are ready.

Nurture your leads by engaging with them on an ongoing basis and gradually guiding them through the buyers’ journey with both helpful content and context.

For Conclusion, keeping all these points in mind will help you to gain more attention from your viewers.

SEO is a complicated service-we can’t just slap keywords on a page and build links anymore, so we have to know what we are doing.

SEO is much easier to sell if people trust you and you have good eminence this starts with you being an expert at the craft.

Make your online presence, generate traffic to your site, and convert traffic to your site.

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