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At RankJacker, we constantly endeavor to improvise & increase our offerings to become a one-stop go-to resource for SEO Agencies who are serious about scaling.

No matter if you are just starting out, or an established agency, we can help! Having delivered 1000s of successful projects and campaigns so far, we proudly claim that we’re fuelling the success of 100+ agencies at any given point in time.

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Who Is Rohin Dua ?

Rohin Dua is the Co-Founder and Chief SEO Strategist at RankJacker. He has helped innumerous agencies and business owners exceed their goals by sharing his expertise and skills, he learned in over 7 years in the industry.

In addition to successfully scaling his own marketing agency, Rohin is partnering with leading SEO Influencers to develop, test and market latest strategies that are helpful for his associates, clients and industry at large.

A Qualified Mechanical Engineer, Rohin started off as a part timer to learn SEO as an additional skill and quickly realized that SEO is what he loves to do, he quit is well paid job to become a struggler in the Digital Marketing domain, but as the saying goes, ‘When going gets tough, The Tough gets Going’, he soon tasted success with his affiliate projects and went on to establish RankJacker to scale into Client SEO with his newly acquired skills.

Since then it has been an ever enriching experience to learn, apply, measure & optimizing different skills, strategies and latest advancements in Digital Marketing industry.

Who Is Amit Kumar ?

The other Co-Founder in RankJacker, Amit has been instrumental in structuring the processes seamlessly, acquiring, grooming and mapping the manpower for key responsibilities along with implementation & deliverance of projects.

An MBA and an ex-Banking professional, he is the one solely responsible for the upkeep of operational efficiency from client on boarding till delivery.

Amit plays an active role in product design, copywriting and their marketing and is committed to make our agency clients get complete value for each dollar spent.

He’s also the man behind The RankJacker’s Insiders, a private FB group to provide our agency clients get exclusive access to our proven growth resources to help them quickly achieve their goals!

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