6 Questions To Ask To A White Label SEO


By: Rank Jacker ∣ Updated: September 09, 2020

Outsourcing your Client SEO to a white label SEO is very much a practical, logical and smart move in pursuit of scaling your client Agency, While keeping your overheads strictly under control and to deliver results to your clients with minimal workload.

While it lets you focus on your business growth, client acquisition and brand building rather than being bogged down by multiple micro processes management, it also helps achieve a great work life balance with ample amount of time at your disposal to enjoy the givings of life.

But hiring an SEO Agency isn’t a cakewalk unless you have full control and understanding of your SEO processes and a keen eye to keep track of needs and application of SEO tactics at different stages of a project life cycle.

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So if you’re in the process of identifying a responsive White Label Partner the following read would be of great help for vetting an White Label SEO before hiring and make an informed decision about workability of your partnership before handing out your hard earned Clientele to an outsider.

So, here’s a set of questions you should ask your White Label SEO partner before deciding to hand over your business to them.

These questions can certainly help you get deep insights as to whether they’d be able to serve your interests and if they can be relied on while you scale out.

1. The SEO Process

As a business owner, you must enquire about your SEO Agencies’ knowledge about Search Engine Optimization, the best way is to ask them about their SEO process - a simple step by step procedure that they undertake to learn, plan, strategize and execute an SEO campaign.

This single question can have most of the resellers running for a cover, since a majority of them stress about doing onpage and building links as their main strategy.

Although these are important aspects of SEO, there's too many other components that like (Website Quality and Technical Audit, KW research, content management, conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization, analytics, search console) and much more which can’t be ignored to ensure the success of any SEO project.

2. Processes And Systems

Another important question to ask about is, what type of tools, systems and processes do they use to fulfil any project requirements.

Like mentioned previously, there are so many different aspects of SEO which requires deep analysis and there are a number of tools and software that different companies use to automate and expedite their execution.

These tools also help remove all guesswork and help set a strong foundation for any Successful SEO Campaign. Another thing that requires a patient hearing is their processes.

Most White Label companies have multiple team members overlooking Onpage & KW Research, Content Creation, Link Building, Web Development, Social Media etc and they have to have clear processes shared among different members of the team for a measured, thoughtful and timely execution.

It’s particularly important for White Label Agency with large clientele and numerous projects to make sure their team doesn’t screw up in absence of a clear system to follow.

3. Reporting

SEO being a lengthy process, Reporting templates and their details holds the key for at least the initial phase when an SEO Agency doesn’t have much to show in results.

While handing out your projects to a White Label SEO, it becomes even more important for any SEO Reseller to have a peek into the deliverables like Reporting structures, templates and timelines to be at top of all processes and in know of all that is happening to their Client projects.

It’s imperative and crucial for any Agency to be full control of all client reporting to avoid being caught unaware of your project at any stage.

Also there’s no point hiring a white label partner and then keep yourself engrossed in preparing reporting, the best is to have the reporting prepared and approved by the white label agency.

You can choose to have them forward the reports directly to the client through a designated email or send it out to you for further action.

Take a look at a handful of Reporting Templates that we use in our Agency here.

4. Communication & Approvals

Many a times, SEO’s work in sensitive niches like Legal, Medical, finance etc where the end clients are very particular about the works undertaken by third parties like SEOs.

If you happen to be working with clients from any such industry, you should ask the White Label partner to get approvals before initiating any actionable work on such businesses.

A proactive approach to communication and approval based work is highly advisable to avoid any serious issues later on.

As an SEO, you need to have prior understanding as to whether they’ll be able to tweak their processes to accommodate your concerns.

5. Complaint Handling & Timelines

Like in any other business, it’s natural to have complaints when you work with a Wholesale SEO.

But what makes the difference, is, a robust complaint handling and redressal system.

Enquiring about their process about Ticket handling and respective turn around time and escalation matrix will certainly add an additional level of trust and definite outlay to reach out to dedicated contacts for timely intervention and settlement.

6. Inclusions And Addons

Have a clear understanding of pricing and inclusions as well add ons. You need to make up your mind right at the outset as you wish to handover for an end to end solution or you want to keep certain processes at your end.

Most White Label SEOs offer fixed packages for end to end SEO solutions but are also open to offer Done-For-You services as well.

This way you also get the chance to find out how responsive they are with their deliverables and if you can rely on them while scaling.

The above questions can easily help you do the initial vetting and have a definite understanding as to whether the White Label SEO partner in question is worthy of trying out.

If you find their answers to the above questions prompt, satisfying and backed by hard evidence, you’re in with a reliable partner and you can trust them for handing out your business.

But still, I’d recommend you to be watchful initially to make sure things are working as promised and bound to get results.

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  • Do You Want To Automate Your
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