9 Insanely Easy Ways To Build High PR Dofollow Backlinks For Free

By Rank Jacker on March 10, 2023


Backlinks are the foundation of your website’s SEO efforts and Google ranking. And the creamiest layer of that effort is high PR dofollow backlinks.

But you can spend less than thousands of dollars or unending efforts to accumulate these backlinks for your website.

We have the roadmap to getting high PR dofollow backlinks for free and easily. Let’s go ahead and jump in.

High PR Dofollow Backlinks

To learn how you can build high PR do-follow backlinks, let’s first break down the terminology:

High page-rank backlinks are links acquired from websites with high-ranking pages on the Google search engine. When you’re scouting for high PR do-follow backlinks, the higher the PageRank, the better the results of your backlink.

A dofollow link is a direct link without any mentions of favors, UGC, or sponsorship. It is the endorsement of your website and is the opposite of nofollow links.

The search engine crawlers of the linking site follow ‘Dofollow’ links. When the dofollow links spring into action, they can transfer link equity to the linking site and influence the page ranking of the linked site.

1. Show Your Expertise On Social Forums

Social media platforms with open dialogue such as Quora, Twitter, and Facebook allow you to engage with your target audience without a charge. The best way to build dofollow backlinks is to be active on these platforms.

You can show your learned expertise and build a credible following for yourself on these forums.
Additionally, you should also leave high-value comments with a subtle CTA on relevant blogs and blogs.

2. Interlink Your Blogs

Building backlinks is an ongoing process. While you’re out there shopping for backlinks, make sure every post you make on the website or social media platforms links back to the complimentary things you have written. As time passes, make sure you are performing content edits and linking old posts to your new work.

Within a year, you’ll have a strong network of internal backlinks stacked up on your site.

3. Optimize Your Online Store

If you’re serious about driving traffic to your website, you must fire on all cylinders. If you sell products online on Amazon, Etsy, or eBay, make sure that your content is linked with each product. User guides, testimonials, expert analysis, and other forms of content, paired with products, promotes overall SEO and build great backlinks for your website.

4. Host Giveaways

Small businesses can make the most of their limited resources by diversifying their content and marketing budget. Host giveaways/contests and give away free stuff with the requirement of promoting your website.

With this, you can capitalize on your following, generate high PR dofollow backlinks, and increase your follower count with a single stone.

5. Guest Blog On Relevant Sites

Identify the leading websites in your niche and pitch your blogs/content to them. The ones already publishing content related to your niche will accept your requests – given you are also publishing reader-friendly SEO content that they can endorse.

Before pitching for high PR backlinks, you can make sure that Google prioritizes your digital writing that is optimized and tailored for readers. Reader-friendly blogs have numbered lists, bullet points, earmarked subheadings, subtitles, and everything else that facilitates user comprehension.

6. Follow The Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is a popular way of duplicating popular and high-ranking content pages in your niche. Skyscraper doubles your organic search results and boosts your SERPs.
By formulating a better version of your ideal copy for your high PR dofollow links, you can make winning content and amp up your blogs.

7. Get On Your Local Business Listing

Target local customers by submitting your links to a high PR dofollow backlinks list. Online business directories can kick off the link-building process and amp up your site to be more trustworthy for Google.

Your page rank increases as you get linked to reputable directories. Although business listings usually charge a fee for backlinks, free directories can help you get started.

8. Ask For Credit/Attribution

Creating great content and publishing it on the web rolls the first dice of the domino. The content stays put for years and always leads to being shared, used, and reused by others.

You can keep cashing in on the process by asking for credit or attribution in PR backlinks.

9. Fill The Gaps

If you follow the steps stated above, you will go through tons of content in your niche. When you see a great piece of content floating on the web and spot broken links or outdated information, it’s your cue to step in and offer your link.

Follow This Manual And Get Your First High PR Backlink Today!

There are ample reasons why you should invest your time and energy into getting high-quality PR backlinks. From improving your page rank to improving your legitimacy in Google’s algorithm – dofollow backlinks ensure that your content ranks high for multiple target keywords.

Link building is an essential aspect of SEO, but it takes years to justify the cost and effort! We can speed up the process for you. RankJacker SEO specializes in SEO link-building strategy. We have the right tools and team of professionals that can help you see results in no time.

Contact us, and get your first high PR backlink within 24 hours!

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