E-A-T & Link Building: A Guide To Evaluating Prospects

By Rank Jacker on November 16, 2021

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Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness – is the E-A-T acronym that came into existence from a set of publicly available guidelines. These guidelines were published by Google for its “Search Quality Rater’s Team” assuring educational and informational benefits.

How much trust should be entrusted to a brand or website?

This can be measured and determined with these three factors. As Google wants to serve its search engine users the best on the platter, so it promotes only what it fully relies on.

Credibility is better with reliable sources.

E-A-T does not directly impact the ranking of a website but certainly works to create signals that are responsible for improving the ranking.

Still not convinced!

Let me give an example- You have a company it lacks a good accountant, who isn’t an expert, isn’t confident, and is not reliable. Of course, you will look for some other alternative. Google also behaves in a similar manner as it likes to ignore the sites, domains, or pages that lack expertise, authority, and trust.

In turn, Google trains its algorithms to use such measurements as signals for determining the worthiness of a site or page. In short, if you lack E-A-T standards you may:

  • Lose Ranking
  • Lose Traffic
  • Lose Revenue

Not only for E-A-T guides you in creating good content but it can be leveraged for linking opportunities thereby adding value to your pages and site.

This concept needs some more explanation as to what it is and how important it is for impressive link building.

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Let me start with the factors separately:

What Is E- A -T Content?


Expertise – a simple English word, refers to your brilliance in skill or knowledge relating to a particular field. You must have felt the difference between others and you while you were a student in any grade in your childhood …. the day you were more updated for the ongoing topic which your teacher taught. How did you stand out, and were appreciated by your teacher?

Similarly, deep insights and in-depth knowledge of any given niche or industry will give you an upper edge.

Content creators’ expertise in skill levels is assessed based on the content they create.

For instance, Jenna, a psychologist, has a lot of experience writing articles related to the human mind, which means we can determine that she is an expert in giving advice on that very topic. The author of such a post is certified as an expert in this field, and her expertise in the subject matter plus their credibility makes for a compelling read.

Now it isn’t necessary that you need some formal credentials for expertise as someone with less of this can also be an expert. The entire power lies in having a deeper understanding of the concept of what you are doing. And the same rule applies to your website. Only this will offer you a higher position in front of your competitors.

Furthermore, this leads to Google’s algorithm determining your site (or pages within the site) as relevant for the specific topic in comparison to the other websites in terms of expertise. Forums and blogs are such places where you can find links to such sites.

In nutshell, Google values the expertise owned by the creator of the main content on the internet.

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In expertise knowledge or skill levels are measured while when we talk about authority, it is the accuracy, correctness, and reliability of the related person or the website.

Let me quote an example here: If your query is about cosmetics then you will turn your face towards your fashionista friend, or if something regarding cuisine then you would like to approach a foodie buddy.

Similarly, all those internet users are in search of a site or information which has authority whom they can trust for answers. With expertise and authority, they also want to be sure about the source of being the best.

Henceforth, authority evaluates your website and ranks you against other websites to see whether or not you meet the set criteria.

So, again it is about how well your brand, business, or content stands apart from the many options available. Remember that Google scrutinizes:

  • Your Brand
  • Your Website
  • Your Content

To figure out if it is expertly crafted and has leading and authoritative content.


If your specific page or entire site has expertise and authority then trust will follow & flow automatically. A truthful, honest, and content full of credence is all that’s needed.

Creating a lot of content on the internet and it being trustworthy are two different things. But when well created and crafted surely will show all three …. E-A-T.

Again an example here: If you check out a deal on a clothing brand offering you 80% off market price, then this might surely strike you as becoming clickbait. It’s good and essential to be true and you might lose trust in such a brand and in the future may not even look at it.

We all are grown-ups and very well know that whether in life or otherwise trust once lost is extremely difficult to regain.

One more thing here, trust cannot be generated overnight as well.

So, Google ranks those websites higher that have proven to be trustworthy over time. Make sure the content you craft has substance with the right fit of target keywords. When writing for a certain topic, focus on providing insight from multiple angles too.

I am obsessed with examples so one more for you – Like you as a person will only trust someone who has shown it time and again, similarly Google when seeing a higher trust in a linked domain will further push more trust into the linked domain. As Google has always measured the trust of a website on the basis of backlinks that it detects from other domains.

Focusing on the details, and linking them to multiple articles with similar content will enable you to build credibility. You can also add testimonials and case studies to your website to establish a trustworthy relationship with your clients.

One way to emphasize and communicate the trustworthiness of a site is by publishing endorsements on the About Us page or at the footer. Sites with high-quality, trustworthy content will be rewarded in Google’s algorithm even if they aren’t popular yet.

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How To Develop E-A-T For Impressive Link Building?

Build The Right Backlinks

Build the right backlinks for your blog and greatly help its SEO rank in Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.

E-A-T is simply a list of questions that you can ask website owners to determine whether their site would make a good link-building target.

By using this simple approach, you’ll be able to easily determine if the potential content partner’s site has enough unique page content (and related topics), visitors, and trust signals from other websites that are needed for successful search engine optimization (SEO) or link building.

The use of E-A-T will help you avoid getting involved with low-quality websites that do not provide links that will add value for Google search sites whose only purpose is to trick people into linking back to them for the sake of increasing their search rank.

Another positive thing about the E-A-T approach is it will help you evaluate these potential link-building partners quickly so that you don’t waste your valuable time trying to build backlinks from low-quality sites that are not worth linking to in the first place.

Get More Mentions From Trusted Sources

Boosting your E-A-T credentials is as easy as getting mentions from trusted sources. To establish your brand as an authority, you need to build links on authoritative websites.

A website’s incoming links from credible sources are one way they contribute to the quality of your page. Inbound links from high-authority websites are indeed measured and factored into ranking decisions.

Keep Content Accurate And Up-To-Date

If the content on your site is never changing, then chances are you have pages with information that is either out of date or obsolete. You will need to have a strategy for monitoring that content.

The content on your site needs constant modification according to the taste and preferences of the users, to appear fresh, and relevant, and get a better linking option.

Your content should be updated regularly to take advantage of up-to-date facts and industry changes.

Ask yourself if the website is relevant to your own in terms of content and topic. For example, this is especially the case for pages with time-sensitive information like news or in the medical field where it is critical to keep your content updated based on the latest research and discoveries.

eat guidelines

Show Your Contact Details

Visitors want to know that you are serious about your website. A contact page gives them confidence in the credibility of your page and they feel reassured that if there is a problem with their search engine rankings, they will be able to reach you and get it resolved.

The biggest pitfall I see is websites that do not include all of their contact details on their homepage. This makes it more difficult for potential clients or link partners to get in touch with them. If visitors can’t find a phone number, email address, or social media account they will bounce right off the site!

It further ensures that your company’s contact info is listed on the site which means that you’re a legitimate and professional business. Websites that don’t provide contact information might not be valued by their audience.

On your website, including all the ways people can get in touch with you and the physical address of your company.

Audit Your Brand

If a website has a strong identity, then people will feel safe if they know exactly who is providing the information online. When evaluating industry prospects, it is important to consider how your brand positions itself within the broader industry and look for points of improvement in that positioning.

Auditing your brand will create awareness among individuals and help you to outreach your service/ product with organic traffic. If your audit reveals some gaps in your website, make sure to set goals for how you plan to strengthen and enhance your brand. You want to position yourself as an expert, authoritative source, or trustworthy brand.

In my experience, businesses fail due to a lack of providing this information, giving an impression of unprofessional feeling and people may question the quality of service you’re offering. People will want to know everything from who owns the website, to your business address and phone number.

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