What Is Directory Submission & How Does It Help SEO?

By Rank Jacker on March 9, 2023

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Directory submission is the process of positioning your website URL to web directories. It is one of the oldest off-page SEO techniques to build backlinks and accelerate business growth.

With a web directory, your link is pushed up and submitted for backlinks in your market niche.
Directory submission expedites the process of link building for your website. Automating this effort also takes the mundane tasks of networking and cold pitching off of your plate. And there’s more. Having a healthy network of backlinks has a domino impact on the SEO and ranking of your website.

Here’s everything you need to know about directory submissions.

Different Types Of Directory Submissions

There are three types of directory submissions:

1. Paid Web Listing: Paid web listing or featured web listing charges individually for each submission, and the links are approved within the set time frame (usually 24 hours).

2. Free Web Listing: Free web listing, as the name suggests, is a free and open-for-all directory listing. Since there is no charge for accepting a website, there is no guarantee regarding the acceptance or approval of bank links.

3. Reciprocal Regular Web Listing: The reciprocal listing involves link barter. If your website wants to build a backlink, it will have to offer a backlink to a link offered by the directory administrator.

How Does Directory Submission Help SEO?

Here Are Some Of How Directory Submission Helps SEO:

1. Attract Traffic To Your Website

When done within the specified niche and location, directory submission SEO can boost traffic and bring the target audience to your website.

Most online businesses are single-person operations. It takes time and effort to network your way into some solid backlinks. Instead of chasing after connections, you can add links to a directory that delivers fantastic results.

2. Increase Your Page Rank

Listing your website in top directories gets you the desired exposure online. This will consequently boost your website’s ranking.

The gravest mistake that online businesses make is to exhibit dormancy and inactivity for years on end. Backlinks pump your site up with good SEO and lure your target audience to your page. All of this contributes to boosting your google page rank.

3. Index Your Website

Indexing is when Google crawlers navigate your website and add it to their list of trustworthy pages on the web.

Web directory submission enables guaranteed search engine indexing. As you submit your website to listing directories, it will expedite the process of indexation within the search engines.

The search engines then locate your site, and backlinks begin flowing from one website to the other.

4. Boost Link Popularity

You can generally start the process of building a network of backlinks with a single directory submission link. That link is then traded with hundreds of businesses and online websites – which boosts its popularity and relevance on the web.

Once your link gains enough popularity through the directory submission websites, you can take over the directory submission and start making organic connections with your blogs and niche content.

Drawbacks Of Directory Submission

Directory submission is an archaic off-page SEO technique. While it has some perks, directory submission has severe disadvantages. Here are some of them:

1. It Can Warrant A Permanent Ban.

The practice of submitting too many directories for backlinks is inorganic. It will come under the radar of Google, and that’s bad news for your website.

2. It Targets Local And Irrelevant Markets.

Directories target, when done outside of the niche pool, is counterproductive. The top directory submission sites may not be based near your local market, and applying for backlinks there will yield no relevant traffic or leads to your website.

3. It Is Considered Artificial By The Google Search Engine.

Google’s senior search analyst John Mueller has stated that backlinks generated via directory submissions are “generally all seen as artificial links and against the webmaster guidelines.”

4. It Is Expensive.

You can rack up a hefty bill with multiple directory submissions. Most websites charge way too much without any guarantee. Because link building is a long process, you can’t see tangible and intangible results in the blink of an eye.

5. It Is Competitive.

When you enter the local directory submissions market for backlinks, you’ll face fierce competition from hundreds or thousands of players. Existing and excelling in this playing field isn’t warranted.

6. It Is Time-Consuming.

Business directory submissions can take months and years to yield results. The longer it takes, the harder it will become for you to measure the ROI on directory submission.

Summing Up,

Directory submission has historically been a popular way to build backlinks and improve search engine visibility. It opens up the doorways for high-quality backlinks. But the effectiveness of this process has decreased over time.

Backlinks aren’t bought; they are earned. But it’s smart to capitalize on all the resources you have to generate them.
RankJacker SEO has a treasure trove of directory submissions to expedite your backing generation process. We work with world-class directories to deliver the best bang for your buck. Our team of professionals can help you get the best and most relevant listings around the globe.

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